CSC does some heavy lifting

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Bjarne Riis big-time doper?


But the times they are a changing. To save  his skin, Riis had CSC do longitudinal blood profiling. Now, CSC has released the results.

If you can’t have the blood as an agent to carried doped levels of O2, the playing field gets a lot more level.

Read the specifics and see the graphs of the released data here.

All teams need to do AT LEAST this level of monitoring by independent docs, and to release the results. We also need to draw some blood when a rider exceeds their theoretical VO2 max in an ITT or mountain stage climb and see what these blood variables are AT THAT MOMENT.

Kudos to CSC for changing the game.

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3 Replies to “CSC does some heavy lifting”

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    Now now, before you condemn the man you should walk a mile in his shoes. Some day when you’re a pathetic loser with a desperate need to say really stupid shit in order to be noticed you’ll understand.

    I’ll be a little more impressed with CSC when the science they’re using is adopted by the whole Pro peloton. Right now all I see is some good pub to keep the sponsors on board.

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