Vacation: Day Two

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Started out the morning at a weekly swap meet, just for old times sake. Walked around and sweated. Then we drove home and spent the balance of the afternoon swimming in the pool and chasing all the kids around the yard. Because it makes me think I’m young.

The rains came later in the day, so there was no hour bike ride for tubby. And, of course, I ate as though I had ridden for miles and miles. Why not, right? I’m on vacation.

Dinner was chicken. And somehow the prep fell to me. I’m really more of a pork kinda guy (go figure) but the tenderloin is up for tomorrow. And yes, I’m already marinating that SOB up proper.

I dressed six breasts, six thighs and four legs. And by “dressed” I mean trimmed off all the skin and fat that makes my vegetarian friend barf in their mouths. Yeah, it ain’t pretty. But life if like that sometimes. You gotta get through the bad times to get to the good.

Post trim session with a very sharp knife, I celebrated not cutting my finger off with an ice cold Lord Chet. Somehow drinking while playing with razor blades seemed like less than a good idea.

Chicken Prep

Second day of the “dry rub” style. We’ll go wet with tomorrow’s pork tenderloin. Either way, it’s all good.

A good 45 minutes later I placed a platter of pretty damn looking chicken in front of the huddles masses. It was a hit.

The chicken is done

And then today for lunch (yeah, I’m typing this on Wednesday) I dove right in to a cheesesteak wid provolone ‘n onions. I was so excited I left Big Pun a voice mail while I was driving into town to pick ’em up. Just to let him know I was eating good and he sucks it.

You may notice, along with the fact that Yuengling is figuring heavily into my diet, that I ate half the sandwich before I bothered to snap a pic.

Cheesesteak wid provolone ‘n onions

I am seriously going to gain ten pounds this week.

I wonder what the gnome is going right now?

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10 Replies to “Vacation: Day Two”

  1. Wow with the new site changes we now have food reports to look forward too

    When is the porn section going to be replaced with recipes?

    Seems our darklord has been domesticated completely.

    Masterbating to pictures of philly cheesesteaks just aint the same

  2. With the tenderloin, I would suggest, Grilled Onion, And grilled Pineapple..Dipping sauce made of Durkee Red Hot, Honey, Black pepper, And chopped garlic, low simmer, for 15 min….Fukin Bueno….

  3. Ah Yuengling – the beer they’ll hand you when you simply ask the bartender for “a lager.” Love it. I’m gonna be down in PA tomorrow (Yuengling doesn’t travel as far north as the Boston area) and plan to bring back a case.

  4. yingling beer?
    no f’n way? I haven’t had that since 2001 – my last trip to penn.

    good times… mostly driving through people’s front yards in a cargo van, towing our team box trailer, at 3am, with a Drunken Tim Hopey at the wheel cursing and throwing bottles at the locals.

  5. Mmmmmmmmmm. that sandwich looks good. It would take me hours on the net to find that kind of non-porn satisfaction.

    Porn’s everywhere, tasty looking cheesesteaks aren’t. God damn san francisco. Need. More. Cheesesteak.