Vacation: Day one

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Yep, I’m on vacation in Pennsylvania this week. Got the whole family together, grandkids, you name it. The whole gang is here. So, what do we do?

Cook big pieces of meat, what else? We’re talking about brisket, kid. Brisket.

Apply the rub

Apply the rub. This was about 9:00 am.

Smoke it

Smoke it for 8 hours. This pic was late afternoon.

Slice the goodness

Slice off a piece of that goodness. We’re talking 7:30 pm right here. A full days work.

This is my second day here and I think I’ve gained ten pounds already.

Good thing I got an hour in on the bike before the big feed. Otherwise, I’d hate to think of what might have happened.

It took me all of twenty minutes to ride from my parent’s driveway to New Jersey. Nineteen if you want to be exact. I rolled into Jersey like a conquering hero, arms raised and urinating on the sidewalk. Bon Jovi can kiss my ass.

The ride back up from the river valley took me more like a half hour, a whopping 50% increase. It’s a good thing we’re talking about minutes and not hours, or we’d be talking about walking and not riding.

Instead I spent a fair bit of time way down in the 23 wondering what in the hell happened to my legs. They’ve been replaced with wood. And they suck.

The upside is I still love the bike. Even if she doesn’t much love me back.

Go figure.

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4 Replies to “Vacation: Day one”

  1. mmmmmmmm……Brisket…..made my mouth water just looking, and not my normal drooling as well….had our own meat-fest over the weekend – Venison tenderloin, Buffalo-Chipotle Bratwurst, St. Louis Shortribs, Lamb Sirloin, even threw in some chicken for good measure…enough beer to float a fucking battleship, plenty of good Shiraz & Zinfandel, finished off with Grappa shots at midnite…now that’s what I call a good finish to the weekend…

  2. Nice one on the Brisket, buddy. The lollipop of the cow, as far as I’m concerned. 9 ways to skin a cat, but try dry rubbing the night before, overnight fridging in a small trashbag, smoking from 8:00 am till 8:00 pm. Those are the only tweaks I’d recommend. or just eat it raw with some Horseradish.

    Love, Hock.

  3. you can take the meat to the nth degree but when you stick a piece of it on a stick and roast it over the caveman tv it’s as good as it gets. but i would def not pass up the chance to drop in on a Big Jonny BBQ after seeing this masterpiece.