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“Long time cyclist, skier and purveyor of all that is good in this life.” SLC, Utah, USA

9 Replies to “Looking for this Scumbag”

  1. Hey Big J,

    I still can’t believe something like this can happen and someone can actually plow into a cyclist and drive away. Marty worked for me and my husband a long time ago and is one of the nicest people around. I really hope someone has information to find the person who did this. My thoughts are with Marty, his wife and family and wish him a speedy recovery…

    Stuff like this just sucks…. I hope you are well and be safe out there.



  2. Penalty : Eye for an eye. Give that tool a bike, and let HIM get run over by a delivery truck, preferably by the wife.

    Sucks, and I hope whoever did this gets the maximun. Attempted homicide , right?

    F-ing douchebag.

  3. For a state with more than its share of intolerant assholes Utah seems remarkablytolerant of the whole concept of cyclists getting fucked up by cars.

  4. 1- aluminium baseball bat
    1- solid alibi
    5- minutes alone with the driver of the van
    This is all I ask.

    Positive thoughts for Marty, family and friends.

  5. Man thats gone way to far, when will some people learn.
    sad but it reminds me how im treated on the road in Vegas..

    Also the day my life was almost taken but some crazy ass

    Peace all,

  6. This gets me worked up. This has been asked before but what kind of complete asshole would be that fucked up?

    Don’t answer that, a few of those losers have gotten a bit close to me at traffic lights, we’ve all seen them.

    Wish my bike were big enough to run THEM over. Marty- I have the greatest respect for you.

  7. What are the handgun laws like in Utah? I’d opt for carrying a lightweight, high power automatic and defending myself. Deadly force is justified if someone is using deadly force against you (or someone else) and your/their life is in grave peril.

    Get well, Marty, and buy a gun. Cops can’t be everywhere.