The Great Divide Race 2007

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The Great Divide starts today. And where’s Randy?

He was going to do this one. In a DC jersey. The last I heard, via email, he was sick. There have been as yet unconfirmed BGR sightings here in Flagstaff. That guy is like the wind, he could be anywhere by now. Tucson, Kansas, Mexico, anywhere…

The only place I know he’s not is Port of Roosville, Montana.

But I wouldn’t bet the house on that one.

At noon today, on the Canadian/US border at the Port of Roosville, Montana the largest field ever will line up to ride the Great Divide Race.


Some more info on this big time tough guy (and tough girl!) event:

The Great Divide race started Friday at high noon at the Port of Roosville, Montana. The 2,490 mile (4007km) self supported event runs through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico along a north to south route. It has over 200,000 feet (60,960m) of climbing.

Racers have to carry all their own gear, and navigate backcountry terrain. They restock on food and other supplies at small towns en route. 21 riders, making up the largest field ever, were signed up to start. This year’s roster includes Ashley Mckenzie, Jon Hurly, Josh Ficke, Scott Hodge, John Nobile, Steve McGuire, Steve Wilkinson, Bruce Dinsmore, Andy Buchanan, Dave Nice, Rick Hunter, Matthew Lee, Matt McFee, Jay Petervay, Matt Kemp, Pete Basinger, Kevin Montgomery, Nathan Bay, Jeff Kerby, Alex Field, and Noah Dimit according to the race’s blog

Racers can call a toll-free number at any time 24 hours a day to leave voice messages with their whereabouts and descriptions of their experiences.

Mike Curiak currently holds the fastest male record (from 2004) of 16 days, 0 hours, and 57 minutes. Trish Stevenson set the women’s record in 2005 at 21 days, 23 days, and 47 minutes.


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  1. Hey Jonny,

    How about a comprehensive list of your new guest bloggers? Taglines and aliases just don’t do it for me, though I’ve already deciphered a few of them…

  2. My boy Matt Lee won this bitch last year, or the year before? I forget. Anyway, I’ll take odds on him again. He’s hardcore.