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It is summer. Girls on bikes in short skirts. It is a wonderful time and a wonderful place to be, what with Biergartens and all that nonsense.

Speaking of, If you are in the Munich area, let me know. I have no problem with playing tour guide and making Jonny jealous by feeding you huge helpings of schnitzel with fries and beer.  This also goes for the Flagstaffer I met today who I neglected to give my info to. Sorry, but I figured you would want to do the ‘honeymoon’ thing, not a ‘Let’s go out and get ripped’ thing.

If I was wrong, sorry. I am available most days and nights. Drop me an email, and I’ll do what I can. this goes for all of you, but mostly the kind who understand the dangers of pissing off the missus. I am no longer allowed to go out and get so drunk I fall face-first into a Lexus, then throw up on my back stairs, unable to get my own key in the door.

That shit don’t fly any more.


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About bikepunk

“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

One Reply to “Munich…”

  1. you never know, I was there on my honeymoon and I, *we* got ripped absolutely sideways. The wife got tendonitis in her index finger from heaving the monster steins into her head and I got stumbling, giggling drunk from same.
    (lost count at 7 litres) A beauty city with awesome beer ..yer a lucky lad for landing in Munchen no doubt.