Great Job, Hoss.

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It has occured to me more than once recently that I have a lot of shit going on. There are a million goals for me to score, and goddam I only have one stupid ball. Yeah, great sports analogy. I hate sports. Great Lance Armstrong analogy. I have two balls. I hate Lance. So, with all this shit in mind, with all the stupid influences out there in the world, be they music, art, activities, or just goddam product, I find it harder and harder to be a cool bro. I mean, shit. I just can’t stay on top of it all anymore. I could spend hours a day Tubing (youtube, dummy), read every blog, buy every goddam sneaker or song or rock show ticket or poster or whatever. Not that I really stress over the ball rolling so far ahead of me, but those of you who know me, are aware of the fact that when I get out of the office on Friday at 4:59 pm, I go straight to the TGI Fridays with all my work dicks, unbutton that second button, roll up those sleeves, and fuckit, sometimes I just leave my socks out in the goddam X5, which I rewarded myself with after making upper middle management in the Admin department of Ballcorp. Yeah, just straight tassel loafers. NO SOCKS, BITCH, it’s the weekend! And the weekend is time for absorbing as much culture as possible. DAMN! Look how crazy those Cleveland fans get! YEAH! I’m going to order some Boston Loaded Fries, with a side of ranch and a Killians, fuck yes the 22ouncer, I just administrated my ass off.

I’m pointless and full of piss. end blog.


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2 Replies to “Great Job, Hoss.”

  1. I had to pull a spam comment off this one. But, holy sweet jesus that pic. I had forgotten all about that image.

    Not it will, once again, haunt my dreams.