11th Annual Denver Cruiser Ride

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This came in from The Latin J:

Hey Cruisers,

Its time to plan for the 11th annual Denver cruiser ride 7 bar crawl! Although a cruiser bike is NOT required, costumes are MANDITORY! No theme, just be your own creative individual self. I repeat NO THEME! COSTUMES MANDITORY!!

This is a big event for Cruisers! Several hundred show up and take over the streets of Denver ~~ choppers ~~ art bikes ~~ beachcruisers ~~ Stingrays ~~ Big Wheels ~~ tandems ~~ fixed gears ~~ chop bikes ~~ Monster cruisers ~~ frankenbikes ~~ Its ALL here!! And it is a PARTY!! Get out the bike lust and get that custom bike all shiney and pretty to show it off in the big ci-ty!

Date is Saturday, July 21st. Meeting place is the Handle Bar and Grill more details to follow!

“less gears, more beers”

Jules (Lucky Lady) and the Johns Family
T.J (Kruiser King) Liliana (Diamond Lil) and Marina (Screaming MiMi)

The revolution will not be motorized!

We replace TV with actual human contact.
We build community one bike ride at a time.
We avoid commercial sponsorship and advertising.
We invite and include people from all demographics.
We encourage radical self expression and participation.
We put ritual other than consumerism back in our lives.
We respect the environment and practice leave no trace.

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