Fun at the Creation Museum

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These guys take one for the team and visit the Creation Museum; a place I can’t believe even exists. It’s just too lame to imagine.

Lucky for us, they took pictures.

This Saturday, I made my much anticipated field trip to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum, a $27 million monstrosity devoted to religious fanaticism, disguised as “science”.


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6 Replies to “Fun at the Creation Museum”

  1. GReat. if we all doin a cruz. weez gotz a hot spot to cool down in AC and relieve before tearing trail @ godspeed. this place is a blessing to cyclist.

  2. Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glenrose, southwest of Fort Worth is a GREAT place to ride, and they got Dino tracks, lots of em. Everyone takes the kids there. Right next to it some knuckle draggers with too much money built a “Creation Museum” there too, along the ‘Who ya gonna believe, me or your own lyin’ eyes” lines. I don’t know why the called it a Creation Museum.. a creation theame park might have made more sense. A gallop survey said most republicans dont believe in evolution anyway. The damn thing wasn’t there when i was a kid.
    How did we get here.