Bike Lanes, yo

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Pittsburgh doesn’t have many bike lanes. We do have lots of hills, lots of bikes and a strange bicycle community that crosses all of the usual elitist barriers that cyclists put up between themselves elsewhere.

Years of collective work has paid off – just over 5 years since its inception, Bike-Pgh just got what we’ve all been dreaming of. Bike lanes. Right on the main drag, leading into a vibrant business district.

And right outside my front door.

Pittsburgh Bike Lane

I like bike lanes, and don’t give two shits about the vehicular cyclists complaints about them. For the vast majority of users out there – people with one bike and no special clothing, trying to go grocery shopping or to work – this is the sort of improvement that makes it that much more possible. Bicycling for the general population, ain’t that what we all want? Hell yeah.

I want a goddamn traffic jam of basket bikes at the grocery store.

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Bikes are cool, and I’ve been making a go at this ‘industry’ thing for a while now. You may remember me from some nine years at Dirt Rag Magazine. Or not. Now I do some writing, wrenching and photography to pay the bills. And run my half of a little magazine project called Urban Velo. We love riding in the city. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

2 Replies to “Bike Lanes, yo”

  1. bike lanes are better then getting shot in the face with a pipe wrench, looks like a bad design as cars will be double parking and crossing the bike lane to park. they dont give a fuck for sure.
    ride like they are trying to kill you , cause they are.

  2. Bike lanes are a symbol of bicycle legitimacy, and I’m damn glad we’ve got one that actually goes somewhere in Pittsburgh, now. Good job, Bike Pittsburgh!