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Wikipaedia defines it as :

Schadenfreude is a German word meaning ‘pleasure taken from someone else’s misfortune’. It has been borrowed by the English language[1] and is sometimes also used as a loanword by other languages. The German pronunciation of the word is [??a?d?n?f???d?] (IPA).

It derives from Schaden (damage, harm) and Freude (joy); Schaden derives from the Middle High German schade, from the Old High German scado, and freude comes from the Middle High German vreude, from the Old High German frewida, from fr?, (happy). In German, the word always carries a negative connotation. A distinction exists between “secret schadenfreude” (a private feeling) and “open schadenfreude” (Hohn).

Usually, it is believed that Schadenfreude has no direct English equivalent. For example, Harper Collins German-English Dictionary translates schadenfreude as “malicious glee or gloating.” An apparent English equivalent is epicaricacy, derived from the Greek word ?????????????, epichaerecacia. This word does not appear in most modern dictionaries, but does appear in Nathaniel Bailey’s Universal Etymological English Dictionary (1727) under a slightly different spelling (epicharikaky), which gives its etymology as a compound of epi (upon), chara (joy), and kakon (evil). A more common English equivalent than ‘epicaricacy’ might be the expression ‘Roman holiday’, which means pleasure derived from watching someone else’s suffering, and is derived from the delight of Roman citizens’ at the gladiatorial spectacles in the Colosseum.

In English, the word sometimes is capitalized, because of the German grammatical convention of capitalizing all common nouns in addition to proper nouns; however, as a loanword in English, it is typically left uncapitalized, following the rules of English orthography.

The Buddhist concept of mudita, “sympathetic joy” or “happiness in another’s good fortune,” is often cited as an example of the opposite of schadenfreude.[2][3]

I bring this up because of my reaction to this wonderful photo.

Justice served.

Glee doesn’t even scratch the surface.

That judge deserves a blowjob every day for the rest of the summer, minimum. The Sherrif deserves to be beaten about the head and shoulders with all the used tampons from the female inmates in the ‘twin towers’ recreational detention center.
Acting like a spoiled little 5 year-old is not an illness. It’s called being spoiled. Let this be a lesson to all you new parents out there. (I’m looking at you, Jonny…)


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10 Replies to “Schadenfreude.”

  1. Schadenfreude,

    I’m no apologist for Paris Hilton, and I haven’t a whit of sympathy for her, but I think you missed the point of that whole fiasco. The Sheriff originally released her because of his drastically overcrowded jails, and serving 10% of the sentence was standard procedure for females with non-violent or low level crimes. The Judge and the sheriff are in a power struggle on who controls length of actual jail stay, and they both were likely looking for a high profile way to make their point that they want more jail capacity. Tough shit, Paris, you got caught in a situation that’s bigger and more important than your sorry ass.

  2. Check Vonnegut’s “Timequake” (page 61) for a nice schadenfreude reference. He’s got a psychiatrist in there, Dr. Schadenfreude.

  3. “schadenfreude” try to pronounce “sch” like “sh” in shit and “schaden” like (bin) laden and “freude” like “throi”(oi,oi)and “de” in “dead” without “a”
    the german meanings range a bit but it’s normally not meant like Roman Holiday. it’s more meant in a funny way, that ya laugh about somebody who crashes at the end of a skid, but nearly in the same moment ya may be stop laughin and care about the person.
    other ways are like a cop with a club getting out of the squadcar during a militant critical mass, crashing on the ground and cuz ya only try to escape ya can hear the sound of his helmet knocking on asphalt: knock, knock … knock … … knock … … … knock.
    In the case of London Hilton, Schadenfreude would only connect if ya like prisons, but prisons ain’t no fun.
    I don’t know her but all that shit reminds me of bad shit, like millions in prison for bullshit, indians from south are not allowed to work in the north of their homeland,aso.
    Someone should tell Miss Hilton to dye her hair and hang out a while in Berlin-Kreuzberg…
    a world without prisons

  4. Ahhh… Kreuzberg. It’s not only cheap, but dirty, punk and just plain cool. AND you can get a really kick-ass Döner, then walk over to Keirin Berlin for an espresso and check out their cool fixie stuff.

    Miss Hilton is more like a rich Starnberg idiot who runs over messengers, and then they give her a €50 euro fine, while the courier is in a coma and paralyzed for life with no insurance to cover the medical costs.

  5. kreuzberg isn’t cheap anymore, berlin is not berlin anymore too: since 1991 1.1 million Berliners moved out and 1.4 million students, partypeople, yuppyscum, etc moved in. and most of the döners will kick yer ass that ya don need a saddle the next 1 or 2 days

  6. and sure will she like all cardrivers and airplane-users get deported up to mars if they don put their exhausts inside or suck on it.

    “two wheelz, one dark lord” is that from that song from of the fearless-sampler?

    yeah, yeah the insurance-thing, poor story: messengers are not strong enough to start a class war, sorry, but i was nearly ten years and then got kicked out cuz of my “performance” in some tv-docu.
    now i’m writing and translating a bit with welfare background, haha. and it seems like the modern messers in north of america started out as scabs against a big strike of postal workers in cali Around 1890?

    once a messenger, …

  7. hot? listen too: “the bitch ain’t got no tits”
    she’s wet, but wet from tears…

    i’m thinking of that “gotta laugh…” thing, but…
    may be: “mit einem lachendem und einem weinenden Auge”(with one laughin and one cryin eye?) oder “Was uns nicht umbringt, macht uns härter”(what doesnt hurt us makes us stronger)

    man thats a complex(?) thing: english is very often much more excactly than german, although some words have double and opposite meanings…

    at the top of the post it sounds like an old-greek dictonary…

    make it the other way round: for goodness sakes in germ

    keep on carkillin

  8. The ultimate schadenfreude for me was when the news broke about the Sex God Head of American Association of Evangelicals REVEREND Ted Haggard and his meth enhanced gay sex with a male prostitute.

    Living in the south, which is the bible belt, I know lots of fundies and evangelicals and they hate me because I often ask them “How’s Brother Ted doin?” “He still on the straight and narrow?” “Is he stayin’ off his knees? (Except for repentin’, of course.)”

    And, as Hemingway said, Paris is a movable feast.