Cars & bikes can mix…

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…at least some of the time.

Linking to an article such as this, on a website such as this, may come across as preaching to the choir. Yes, we all are well aware that riding on the roadway with those pesky automobile can be a very dangerous experience. Its serious business.

And its also our right as taxpayers. I pay for the creation, installation, upkeep and maintenance of that fucking pavement as much as any other citizen. And, for my contributions, I get access and three feet.

That said, I can really not link up an article like this one. It is a very important conversation, and one drunkcyclist needs to part of.

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As a quick side note- Hillary Clinton had ruined the word conversation for me, perhaps for ever. But I cant really think of a better way to phrase it. And if I avoid the word, Ive let Hillary and the Terrorists win.)

Anyway, back to the task at hand.

I was lucky. In 2005, I was knocked down by a car that passed me, then cut me off as the driver turned into a parking spot. I landed on one of my newly replaced knees, and was so concerned about it that I failed to notice a dislocated finger. But what scared me most was the fact that the driver didnt see me on the ground behind her car and would have backed over me if bystanders hadnt alerted her to the accident.


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3 Replies to “Cars & bikes can mix…”

  1. I wish this were looked at by all drivers, the other day i was riding, well actually speeding through town, but some utility tuck passed me and i was going 30 in 20 zone and then made one of those right turns, fortunatly his window was down and I yelled my head off and he stopped. No blinker, and when i tried to stop my bike went into a slide, that is where i decided under the truck or plastered to the side of it. Again fortunatly nothing happened otherwise i would have been hurt badly. After that experience i had to run into the closest bar ordered 3 shots of JD and shakingly took them to calm down. I still am worried about dumb autos at intersections, but I continue to ride or they win.

  2. Anybody know about the odds of getting injured/killed on a bike vs. being in a car? Based on the number of injuries and deaths to bike commuters as a percentage of the number of people commuting by bike on a given day, compared to the same numbers of people in cars, in America. It would kind of give a flat out answer to say if it is more or less dangerous to be on a bike than in a car. I have never seen or heard this statistic.

    Of course, regardless of the answer, I’m still not driving to work.

  3. I’ve been inline skating in NYC since 1993. In that time, I’ve been hit by a handful of cars, and I’ve been fortunate enough to suffer only one broken thumb as my most serious injury.

    The New York Times article in question is infuriatingly pollyanna bullshit. I view traffic saftey law like a religion because my life depends up on it. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of people that venture into traffic in NYC (including pedestrians, drivers, skaters, AND cyclists) either know the law and don’t give a shit, or are dumber than a fucking sack of hammers.

    Every single time I’m skating and some jackass directly affects me with their callous indifference, I make damn sure to humiliate them with a stream of obscenities and as much of a loogie as I can hock up. It doesn’t matter if they’re standing smack dab in a traffic lane trying to hail a cab, making a turn without signaling, or not watching what the fuck they’re doing because they’re glued to their cellphone or the dumb whore next to them. If they want to escalate their shit with me, I will either skate off or fuck with them in return.

    And if that happens, they better damned well hope that someone is going to intervene to save their ass.