Sitting in, sitting on…

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A reader submission:

From: Eric
have you seen this? Bill Strickland over at Bicycling, soft-pedaling his implicit first-hand knowledge of doping…

pardon my french, but what a fucking wanker. and yeah that’s me shouting from the soapbox in the comments.

I know a bit about doping as well. And what I’ve always said is everyone is doing it.

Every one.

Those guys he was in the van with were more than one or two levels above our domestic pros. They were, and still are, on another planet.

It ain’t the training, it ain’t the culture… It’s the drugs. Full stop.

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3 Replies to “Sitting in, sitting on…”

  1. A couple of years back I was seeing a doctor for a kidney problem. The Doc told me that depending on what test showed I might need a treatment that would include a drug that would greatly increase my cycling performance; EPO. My first thought was not for my own health but how I would start kicking my buddies asses on the Sunday Ride. My second thought was that I would not tell them how I was doing it. I am just a punter rec rider but the idea of extra added power was intoxicating.
    It turned out that I didnt get the EPO and I have to say I am disappointed. Would I race on EPO…. I dont know I dont really race but I was ready too cheat some of my best friends for a miniscule bit of glory.

  2. Elmar Fubar, good to have you back. You going down to Gay Pride today?

    And I ask that question like I don’t already know the answer…