Unwritten Law.

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It’s an unwritten law that Bavaria will have more holidays than the rest of Germany. I know this because today is ‘Corpus Christi’. whatever that means. Its not a set day, but falls on 60 days after easter. This year it is also known as a ‘Brückentag’ (Bridge-day) Yup. It is exactly what it sounds like. People ask for Friday off, so they can squeeze in another 4-day weekend. More Here.

Thing is… there are more there that don’t apply to the whole of der Vaterland. Some are only for us fortunate enough to live in Bavaria; a bastion of evangelical proportions. Father’s day, for example, is when the children are supposed to spend the day with dad, while he does (and no, I am not kidding…) a pub crawl and gets completely shit-faced. How awesome is that? More awesome than fixie mag wheels. (Link bustikated… Check later on Trackstar.)
(It’s not really bustikated, It’ just not there right now…)

It’s a good thing these Bavarians can strike a good balance between Jesus-time and beer-time, otherwise I would be completely and utterly “over it.” I mean, where else can you have Oktoberfest, where it is expected that you get so piss-drunk that you actually will piss yourself, as well as so many christian holidays, where you can go out and get ripped, and no one will care? Drinking is good, and combined with good german beer, well… There is no better time to visit that right now. Get your tickets while they last.

—the Gimp

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“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

3 Replies to “Unwritten Law.”

  1. Yes – and there is a Corpus Christi in Texas, and in Texas they likes Tejano music which is a mixture of Mexican and German styles, oh yeah and they brew Shiner Bock beer.

    Shiner Bock rocks, man.

  2. Yeah, my wife can’t believe there is a place called “body of christ”… nowhere but texas, eh? And Shiner is awesome. Drank plenty of that when I still lived in the states. Funny thing, the guy who started Shiner is Bavarian. The Wheat is not my favorite.

    My mom still lives in Ft.Worth, where we grew up.