Redneck Invite

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I get emails and pics about rides people have been on all over the place. Most of ‘em sure look like a good time.

And some look like a great time.

How about rolling up on two guys passed out cold on the side of the road? And I mean stone cold gonzo, goodnight Irene, four sheets to the wind passed out.

From: Phil
The two guys sleeping in the car were passed out cold and still drunk. They took out a road sign and just decided to all it a night along side the Thompson stretch. 11 us were 10′ from the car laughing and BS’n and they did not move.

Redneck Ride 1

Lauri is going to kill me if I get one more photo taken without my temporary tooth in.

Redneck Ride 2

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3 Replies to “Redneck Invite”

  1. Not so much the typical redneck mobile, but fuck yeah–camo seatcovers!
    Gotta give them credit though, they know when to fold’em.