Sir Grant

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FBO is hosting the first Pancake Ride of 2007 on June 17th. I’m going to miss it as I’ll be in Pennsylvania, but the event is in fine hands. Just take a look at this email exchange that went down today. These guys are prepared.

From: Sir Grant
If Tecumsah Cornelius (AKA T.C.) can lay claim to “International Scramble Queen,” or whatever the title is, then I should, by rights, have the right of first refusal as “Sir Grant, Knight of All Waffles, Belgian.” If there is a power supply, then we shall have waffles.

Of course, if there is not a power supply to be had, then I shall have to relinquish aforementioned title, and settle for “the guys that helps other people with cool titles” and be an assistant. Whatever…

Not to be outdone, Tecumseh Cornelius fired off a quick reply.

From: Tecumseh Cornelius
Imagine Grant in full armor, riding the orange crush bike as his steed, with a giant Belgium waffle iron as a shield and a spatula as a sword.

I don’t think that we are going to need security, probably a lawyer, but no security.

Better yet, don’t imagine, I drew a picture.

Sir Grant, Knight of All Waffles, Belgian

My friends are completely insane.

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