Element 70 2007 Bike of the Year

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Mountain Biking Magazine Names Element 70 “2007 Bike of the Year”

May 15, 2007 – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Rocky Mountain Bicycles ongoing commitment to creating world class bikes has been acknowledged once again by the biking community. The company’s Element 70 has been chosen the 2007 Bike of the Year in the cross-country category by Mountain Biking magazine.

The Element, an ultimate cross-country race bike, has been a key part of the Rocky Mountain lineup for the past decade. It has been completely redesigned for 2007 to offer superior frame and suspension design, high-performance components, and a trademark paint job.

“We are extremely pleased with Mountain Biking magazine’s recognition of our efforts. Our company has put its 25 years of innovation and high-quality manufacturing experience into creating the new Element”, said Jean Poisson, General Manager of Rocky Mountain Bicycles.

The Element’s exceptional cross-country geometry guarantees great handling on the trail. The unique design of Rocky Mountain FORMA tubing and carbon fiber seatstay provides race-winning ride quality. Rocky Mountain’s unique 3DLink, suspension technology makes the Element an aggressive climber, while still being a very stable descender. Large outboard INA precision ball bearings give the rider a smooth suspension feel and precise wheel tracking crucial to high performance.

The 2007 Element platform is available in four models, each featuring the same frame but with different components.

About Rocky Mountain Bicycles:

Rocky Mountain Bicycles has been offering exceptional cross-country, all-mountain, freeride, and pavement bikes since 1981 in the mecca of mountain biking, Vancouver, British Columbia. Built by a team of passionate craftsmen, Rocky Mountain bikes meet the standards of the most discriminating cycling enthusiasts from around the world. For more information on Rocky Mountain Bicycles visit www.bikes.com

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