Email is as email does

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I get a lot of email. And I mean a lot of email.
Some of it good, some of it bad.

I read all of it.
For you never know which you’re looking at till you open it

After all, you can’t judge a book by its cover, can you?

I hate Ninjas

First they sneak up on you, then they punch you really

On a different note, what is up with cyclists riding
side by each when the bike lane is clearly only wide
enough for single file? Is that a new kind of drafting
that I do not know about? I hear a lot of cyclist
whining about motorist not giving them enough room to
ride(myself included). However, I live on PCH in Cali
and I am witness to some straight up ass clown cyclist
action. The bike lane is only 4 feet wide at best. You
will see cyclist riding two and three abreast (so they
can whisper sweet nothings to each other), paying no
attention to traffic that is racing by inches away at
50+ miles per hour. I don’t know about yall, but I
ride in the fucking gutter, and worry about hitting my
pedal on the curb in order to STAY OUT OF TRAFFIC.
Let’s face it. It is practically legal to hit
cyclists. Hell, you can even go on the radio and
encourage people to hit cyclist and that is legal. On
the flip side, you can call someone a nappy headed ho
on the radio and you will lose your 30+ year radio
career. As a matter of fact, keeping people from being
called nappy headed ho is so important that the mayor
of NJ had hustle his ass at 90+ mph(conservatively)
into a near fatal car accident, to address that
“important” nappy matter. Mr. Mayor was in such a
hurry to put out that nappy fire, that he didnt even
have time to put on his seat belt! You think if Imus
had encouraged people to run over cyclist that he
would have lost his career? Fuck no!

Moral of the story, killing a cyclist is OK (not
worthy of national attention), racial slurs, not ok
(worthy of national news, an appearance by Rev Al
Sharpton, NAAPCA, death threats etc).

I think that the next person that fucks with me in
traffic while I am riding, will get called a nappy
headed ho, regardlesss their hair style. I am good
like that.


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