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The UCI is seriously thinking about an amnesty program to send daggers into the black heart of omerta.

Here is a Link.

The substance:

The International Cycling Union is considering an amnesty for riders who admit to doping, hoping to encourage more confessions in an effort to clean up the sport.

Despite a string of recent confessions from prominent riders — including 1996 Tour de France winner Bjarne Riis — UCI anti-doping manager Anne Gripper said she doubts more confessions will come unless the cyclists are sure they won’t be punished.

The UCI received several suggestions for an amnesty and will consider the option next week, Gripper told Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende in Friday editions.

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One Reply to “Big News”

  1. I for one, support that move. Lets get it all out in the open with none of this “give back your prize money” b.s.

    Because first didn’t so much screw over second as much as the top twenty were screwing over the entire field. I don’t think too many of them were clean.