Prudhomme doesn’t want Riis at Tour

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I think this is a mistake. We need to find ways to reward those who come forward and tell the truth. Even if it is ten years after the fact.

Why do you think former pros sit on there thumbs when this shit comes out? They know their jobs are at stake for things they did ten years ago.

Riis may be a cheating, lying, scheming son of a bitch. But at least he was a man and admitted what he did. What he did, coming forward and coming clean, needs to be congratulated, not condemned.

And, if the Tour organizers think keeping Riis at home is really going to solve anything, they’ve got their heads up their asses. Riis ain’t the only former pro skulking about the bunch with drug use in his past. Not by a long shot.

He’s just one of the few with the balls to admit what he did.


Wednesday’s EuroFile: Prudhomme doesn’t want Riis at Tour; Germans vow doping fight; IOC launches probe
By Agence France Presse
This report filed May 30, 2007Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme said it would be “shocking” if Bjarne Riis, who has admitted doping when he won the 1996 Tour de France, was involved in this year’s race as CSC’s sporting director.Riis did not include Ivan Basso at the start of the 2006 Tour de France because of suspicions hanging over the Italian rider in the wake of the Operación Puerto blood-doping scandal.

“We have the right to challenge whichever rider or team official we want to,” Prudhomme told AFP. “We are speaking with teams and sponsors, but at this time, it would be shocking to have Riis included in the Tour de France.

“It would be logical that Riis applies to himself the same treatment that he applied to Ivan Basso last year.”

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