Living the dream isn’t always easy

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This just in:

From: BGR
Subject: Living the dream isn’t always easy
I’m in Missoula now. The trip from Bozeman to here didn’t go so smooth. Lots of pushing though snow and getting lost. Got caught in a few rain/snow storms, all good fun though. The bad news is that I’m sick again. Started feeling bad again a couple of days ago. Spent the night in a hotel in Lincoln Mt. I felt much better the next day and decided to ride 80 miles on road to Missoula. I didn’t fair so well and
it turned into a hellish ride.

Spent last night, and am staying again tonight in a hotel here. This is the farthest north I’m going. My body just isn’t holding up to doing this kinda mileage, and at this point pushing myself even more by doing the divide race seems like a bad idea.

Planning on getting a ride back south with a friend (rob). He’s leaving Boise Id on the 3rd. Hoping to feel well enough to ride there starting tomorrow. Its around 340 miles, if I’m not up to it ill take the greyhound.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and support. I had a great trip, even though it didn’t turn out like I had hoped.


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