You can always fall back on email.

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All I’ve got for tonight’s post is this email.

From: John Stamstad
Subject: Uncle Ron
I was out there at the hearing last wednesday, it was nice to talk to Floyd and catch up, haven’t seen him in a while.
The now infamous Will G, I have known for, christ almost 20 years. Trained with him nearly every day for years, toured the country in a VW van going to races, blah, blah.
You learn a lot about a person when you suffer with them….
I encouraged him to help floyd when floyd’s team was a complete train wreck right after the whole thing broke last august. Will and I started the Chevy Trucks Team and hired Floyd to his first real pro deal, and we all rode together at the 24 hrs of Snowshoe. Will got floyd to switch to the road……..
I knew Floyd needed someone he could trust and Will is a super smart, super sharp guy who helped floyd more than anybody knows. The Uncle Ron call obviously is a disaster and impossible to defend.
But think about it from Will’s perspective and remember everyone involved here is a former pro–including Will.
Every July my aunt ruthie asks (in a think wisconsin accent) Hey Der, why didn’t those other guys take off when that little fella had a flat tire?
—Because the other guy will retaliate 10 times over.
—-If you run a guy into a ditch in a race, what do you think he is going to do next time he sees you in a race? Can you really blame him?

What if Will knows Lemond is going to lie under oath (or maybe it is a misinterpretation–either way floyd tried to clear it up–that he never admitted to doping) about the phone conversation with floyd, last august.
If you and i share private details in a conversation, and i go to the
media(and court room) and throw you under the bus…….do you really
think that I would expect you to keep quiet? That is totally
unrealistic, crazy even. Lemond had to know it would come out at some point, and for the record, Lemond is the one who made it public, nobody else. I fully expect to see lemond on oprah sometime soon, desperately trying to be Lance.
I am not excusing what Will did, just shedding light on maybe why.
Will is an easy punch line right now, but I would encourage you to look
at the full picture.

Keep up the riding. I am headed out the door for a spin….

And, would you believe, a comment section just below. Oh, I am so excited. I may not sleep tonight.

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