Leaving Bozeman

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I got an email from Big Gay Randy.

From: BGR
Subject: Leaving Bozeman
Planning on leaving Bozeman tomorrow. 60% chance of rain, I’d say 80% chance I’ll leave anyway. I’m ready to get back to doing some riding and camping, and I need to do some more rain testing anyways.

Went for a ride to test the raingear a few days ago. It raining pretty fair and the temp was around 36 degrees. Put the rain jacket, pants, neoprene booties, and waterproof gloves. Made it the whole way across town before my hands started getting cold. Washing the gloves before I left had washed away all the water proofing. Searched the whole town for neoprene gloves, but found none. Ended up getting some Smartwool liner gloves and coving those with some cut down medium weight chemical striping glove. So far seems to work great, also wasn’t too expensive.

Added another sleeping bag, a down 45 degree, and got rid of the heavier bivy sack. Also switch from an inflatable 3/4 length mattress to folding foam 3/4 length. Lighter, easier, faster. Sending back some extra clothing also, starting to get closer to what I’ll carry for the race.

Planning on riding from here to Boulder MT on half paved half dirt roads. From there I can hop on the Great Divide route. It around 90 miles to the Divide and 330 miles from there to the Canada border at Roosville. Hoping to put in 5+ longs days on the bike, and then start resting up for the race start on the 15th. There are a few hostels close to the starting point including one that’s way off the grid. Hope to spend a few days there; they have a fire heated hot tub!


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