Great Divide

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From: BGR
Subject: Great Divide
Hello All,
It’s Randy. I’m going to try and do some mass updates, so hears the first. Let me know if someone wants added or subtracted.

I’m in Bozeman MT. 805 miles in 8 day. No rain, just one small drizzle in southern Wy. Northern UT was the hardest past, going though the Red Gourge was a bitch, some of the harder climbing I think I ever done.

Wanted to test how light of a sleeping bag I could use so I brought a 60 degree bag, a conduit bivy sack, and a vaperbarrier/ emergency bivy. So I’m using the emergency bivy as the first layer, then the bag, then the bivy. If I put on all my clothing, including my rain gear, I can sleep well down to about 40-45 degrees. Coldest it got was Jackson Lake looking into the Tetons. It fell below 30 degrees that night. I froze my ass off. So ill be bringing a warmer bag with me :)

I’ve developed a case of tonsillitis since I got here. Wasn’t eating good enough on the trip. Too much sugar, not enough protein. Lesson learned.

I’ll be in Bozeman for at least a week. Looking for a part time job to get my funds up. Got a free place to stay for a week at least. Ill keep you guys updated.


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