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Some people get in so deep supporting one man over another, that they get themselves backed into a corner with no clear way out even if the man they backed is turning south on them. You should see the dumb shit being spewed out at places like the Velonews forum and the hundred other blog sites dedicated to Floyd Landis’ drug allegations. When someone like Greg Lemond testifies as to a phone conversation he had with Landis last year (a call initiated by Landis), the instinct of some people is to attack the character of Lemond. He’s a show boater, he wants the limelight.

You think sharing a story of sexual abuse by a relative is showboating? I’d call that a rather tenuous position. And I’m being generous in my assessment.

Landis is painted himself into a corner as well. For the more you loudly proclaim your innocence from every rooftop, the harder it becomes to admit wrong doing when the evidence against you becomes too overwhelming to continue denying. See Richard Virenque.

And what do you think Joe Papp is about to say? How long did he claim innocence? Do you have any idea of what’s been going on behind the scenes on that one, the people and man hours spend trying to build Papp’s defense?

I can’t wait for this story to come out. I’m not sure drunkcyclist is the proper vehicle, but no matter. It will come out.

It always does in the end.

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