Big game tomorrow…

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The Eagles are currently in a four way tie for the NFC wild cars with the NY Giants, Atlanta Falcons and North Caroline Panthers. The next four games are some serious business, starting with three road games against division rivals Washington, New York, and Dallas. All must win games. The Eagles come home to play Atlanta at the end of the month. To bet on any of these teams, you can go to sites such as

Carolina faces the Giants tomorrow. Atlanta plays the hapless Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas plays this years surprise team, the New Orleans Saints. The Eagles face the 4 and 8 Washington Redskins, arguable the easiest of the next four. They should be able to beat up on the Skins, and that’s exactly why I’m so worried. This calls for action.

Since I have been unable to locate, purchase or steal a statue of our Mr. Billy Penn, I have printed out a photo instead. I will attach it to a tree in my back yard, so he may survey unimpeded, the land he swindled from the Delaware Indians.

I do not know the actual elevation of my back yard, but Flagstaff is at 7,000 feet above sea level. Philadelphia is a mere 40 feet above sea level. And the height of City Hall to the top of Billy Penn’s hat is 548 ft.

I figure this upgrade of nearly 6,500 feet ought to please the old man and perhaps he’ll lift his curse and let the Eagles make the playoffs this year.


It’s worth a shot from where I’m standing.

This morning I printed out a photo of the old boy, put him in a ziplock bag (so he’ll be safe and sound out there when it snows) and stapled him to a pine tree in my back yard. Facing, of course, east toward Pennsylvania.

I took pictures to document my sacrifice, hard work and dedication to this project.

The tools of the trade: One ziplock bag, one compass, one picture Billy Penn, one pair scissor, one stapler. Done and done.

Trim and bag the photograph.

Make sure the fat bastard is aligned properly.

Fasten him to tree with staples.

Sit back and enjoy the magic.

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