The continuing saga of the classic bummer

Hey folks, Reverend Dick here. Yesterday I posted a fucky picture on our instagram account and now the account is removed. I assume the 2 events are related, anyhow. Better (?) minds than mine are involved in negotiations. I may be off the team.


There’s the picture. Is it tasteless? Is it low resolution? Is it very half-assed? Is a pun intended? All yes. But IS IT FUNNY?

Sorry, everybody, for fucking up the DC instagram account. FWIW I personally feel there is a secret agenda being pushed here. The account from which I ripped the picture is still up, though the pic is gone. That person’s account has not been shut down. Who could be behind wanting DC off the social medias? Anyone…anyone…anyone? #empire


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13 thoughts on “The continuing saga of the classic bummer

  1. At least they rode bikes there…

    ^^No way is that John Holmes. Way less ugly. Ugh, that guy was tough to look at, and watch.

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