Dirt Rag DirtFest WV – Interview with Maurice

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Yes, I had the whole thing planned:  Head down to West By God Virginia thursday morning with a bunch of beer, a couple bottles of rye, a truck load of camping gear, food, bikes, and other random assorted libations with the goal of documenting the first ever Dirt Fest WV with great photos and words and all kinds of other rad shit… but no plan ever finds its execution with the same flair and verve of its planning and anticipation.


I blame Dicky, completely and totally, even though I have very little memory of what he actually did to fuck this up, yet who did do a much better job of documenting the dazed events…well, his events… and upon realizing my phone didn’t hold up to the deluge of forty days and forty nights of rain in less then five hours on friday morning’s ride, I informed Dicky I would be ripping off photos from him for this post.  So after reading his words, it just made more sense to rip him off completely so I can be lazy.  Thanks little buddy.


here are more photos… here

My second and prime directive, was to interview Maurice Tierney, the man behind Dirt Rag.

On the last day – day four of my bender – just a few hours before everything was packed up and shut down, we sat down for a beer and a chatted about the magazine now (issue #200 coming at you) and then (issue #1 in 1989), whiskey, music, community, culture, and e-bikes.  WARNING: I’m still drunk.

“Bicycles and bicycle riding make the world a better place.”

(Maurice mentions Richard Cunningham’s OpEd on e-Bikes, so here it is for you.  – and I want to thank him again for letting me use his phone to record it since mine was, well… fucked.  also super thanks to my old Yazoo Teammate Greg for the audio help)

I want to give a giant thanks to the Dirt Rag Family, for not just having me be a part of it for the last however many years, but for bringing the community and camaraderie, love, and family atmosphere back to mountain bike events, ensuring everybody who attended felt like part of a family regardless of culture or creed.  And if I may add, if you were lucky enough to get to attend the old Chilhowee Mountain Bike Festival (that SOBRA Chattanooga used to throw), this was just as awesome, just a hell of a lot bigger.

So if you don’t attend Dirt Fest WV next year, you are simply fucking stupid.


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