Friday is for Heroes

We all need more heroes.

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I haven’t seen enough rad on the internet lately. It’s been the same old skidding shreddits and bullshit navel gazing outdoorsy videos. But these two videos really restored my faith in humanity…

Riding waterfalls on an inflatable pool toy?! This guy is my goddamn hero.

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Dislocate your shoulder and then ask a stranger to pull on your arm. He couldn’t do it so you step on your hand and do it your damn self. Rachel Atherton is a boss. She is my hero.

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds and single malt. Currently in Asheville, NC

8 thoughts on “Friday is for Heroes

  1. Good lord! Rachel Atherton is a badass … but I guess that we already knew that.

  2. Rachel Atherton is the epitome of Badass – I remember a few years ago she had a head on collision with a pick up truck, went through the windscreen and asked if she still looked hot as she was being wheeled along in the gurney with a neck brace on. Another time she broke her finger in practice and just taped a bit of foam to her grip and did the race – the Chuck Norris of mtb!

  3. I think Rachel needs to try the Lobster over the waterfalls for rehab ? She seems like a good Candidate !!