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8 Replies to “Wednesday night.”

  1. Enjoy it while you can Dude, because word on the street is that you’re about to settle down & become a respectable, contributing member of society. Picket fence, station wagon, 2.5 offspring, (no I don’t know how that works either), plus dog. 9 2 5, working for the man… .

    Murika! Fuck yeah

  2. Ouch. I own a home, our backyard is fenced in, we have two dogs, two cats, and a mouse (dogs found it in a basket in the park!). A 9-month old son. A 9-5 (but I like it, I bike from home daily with 95% of it on a path, it pays well, my manager is awesome, and I pretty much set my own schedule). Nice, classy older truck with a cap, full bed too, none of that dual cab 4′ bed nonsense. And, I pay my taxes, which kinda are a bitch, but I do like having 911 to dial and my garbage being picked up.

  3. Is that a PAX 2? Never seen those, though a buddy has a vaporizer. I think his is a pain to use.

    My better half doesn’t mind me smoking, but she HATES my breath afterwards. Does the PAX eliminate the horror-breath?

  4. You must have better stuff then me. I could only get half way through the Fraggle trip down memory lane. I’ll finish it later, maybe there is a moral in there for me.

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