Good doin’ in a time of no good.

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Seriously though, it’s not like the fucking world is coming to an end.  Well for a bit I thought it was, but that was before the passing of all the political hoodoo that festered into my soul like a rat in a red hot bowl.  Well, now I’m better, and I hope you are too.  We all have our opinions and I will keep mine to myself, please do the same – it’s really for the best.

BUT, as the smoke cleared and fog lifted from my eyes, color began to fill my visions and the whiskey burps subsided, I came to my senses… then I stumbled into a place that made me feel all warm and fuzzy and kittenesque cuddly on the inside.  Yeah, I can get cuddly.  It’s that kind of place that every single city in this country needs, and I’m not talking about a bar.  Well, Troegs Brewery is supporting them, so it’s kinda like a bar I guess.  Beer is involved.  Anyway, it’s a place called The Common Wheel in Lancaster PA – think Trips for Kids but a whole lot more.  It’s a very good thing.  Very good.  Trust me, it’s so good you have never seen anything so good.  Literally, just so good.  These dudets and dudes kick serious ass.

Currently they offer used bikes from donations, new and used parts, and a full service repair shop that, along with lots and lots of donations, help pay the bills to run all kinds of awesome free programs for the community.

What programs you ask?

  • Earn – A – Bike: a program where at risk kids pick out a bike that needs work, and they learn how to fix it and then get to keep it.
  • Bicycle field trips for those underprivileged youth.
  • Free and heavily discounted bikes to refugees that are fleeing war torn countries (there are a ton of families moving here from Somalia and other African nations)
  • Free and heavily discounted bikes to locals trying to make ends meet via Wheels to Work
  • …and they are currently finishing fixing up 200 kids bikes to give away to underprivileged youth for Xmas.

This is very good shit people.  Seriously, 200 bikes for kids at Xmas?  Who the fuck is doing that?  Nobody.  Nobody is doing that but these guys, that’s who – and next year they are planning to do even more.  How?  I really don’t know.  No one will tell me.  But you can watch the video to get an idea…

This Friday November 18th – today – right fucking now –  is The Extraordinary Give, a 24hour period running from midnight to midnight Eastern Time, where every dollar donated to a multitude of non-profits will be stretched/matched (up to at least $300,000).  Basically a $25 donation to them can end up being a hell of a lot more.

So I’m reaching out to all my sisters and brothers in the cycling world to throw a few bucks their way and help spread the word.  Depending on what time you are reading this, there could only be a few hours left.  So hurry up and CLICK THE LINK!  If the Irish Bar Owner is invested, then shit man… what do you have to loose?

Every dollar helps to keep them improving lives through the power of bikes, so in the almighty words of our beloved Suicidal Tendencies…

Thanks kids.

…and don’t forget to drink whiskey.  It’s good for you, like soup.  I’m not kidding.


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8 Replies to “Good doin’ in a time of no good.”

  1. NO shit…….a new post on this sight……….content that is from my neighborhoodish………click click send.

    Thanks Danimal. Are you local to Lancaster? I am in the Harrisburg area.

  2. Also, Recycle Bicycle in Harrisburg do same type of work. I imagine they work together. I live nearish, and yes, my bike mechanic is a Plain Folk.