E-bikes <> Accessibility

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This just dawned on me this morning while I was in the shower. Or taking a shit. Can’t recall. Either way I was naked.

Last week we listed off the items you could buy for the same amount as that monstrosity of a Specialized Bicycles e-bike: $9,500. The loudest argument I’ve heard thus far for e-bikes is about “access”. Access to hard trails that people normally wouldn’t be able to ride. Old guys who don’t have the legs anymore. Moderately disabled people who can’t climb that hard. “It simply amplifies your output.” “It’s turning on new riders and adding to the growth of cycling.”

Okay. Fine. You’re not wrong. But for a cunt hair under $10K? That’s the price of access? I don’t have the time and patience today to find cheaper models. But I’m sure they exist, so feel free to enlighten me. But it seems ridiculous to preach about trail access and bringing new riders in for the price of a light duty truck.

For years I’ve been the butt of many a friendly joke about being a runner. It’s okay, plenty to make fun of there. But I’m here to say some of those people are hard as nails. No coasting during a marathon. You want to rest? Okay, you just come to full stop. No shifting either. Downhills are nice but better warn your knees. You’re new to running? Awesome! Entry fee is a $75 pair of shoes and whatever clothes you’re comfortable in. Too old? Just run slower. It’s cool, we’ll wait for you. You’re handicapped? We’ve got wheelchairs for you.

But I’ll be long dead before you see an electric wheelchair welcomed to toe the line in Boston.

Peace be with you,
Scandinavian Jesus


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27 Replies to “E-bikes <> Accessibility”

  1. I’d rather see one of these than some dumb ass spewing noise pollution and petrol exhaust out a go-ped, moped, “toy-hauler?”.
    If see one out on the track, alone, moonlit evening, nobody around, I will take the battery off and plug my smartphone in and fill the cup! With a pbr and watch it lick its wounds.

  2. Fuck ebikes. Especially FUCK those shit ass electric suck longboards. And hoverboards while I’m ranting. Thanks!

  3. Electric cargo bike would be awesome for hauling a diminishing load of beer on epic rides, there would be no issue keeping up on steep or long hills. It’s not like anyone with good sense would ditch the beer wagon anyway.

  4. Even if you’re an asshat with $10K burning a hole in your pocket…. motorized bikes aren’t allowed on most trails. So you’d need to be a rich asshat who doesn’t mind poaching illegal rides.
    Specialized is demoing them at Outerbike. Bring your frame pump for when one passes you on the trails.

  5. wow so much (drunken) anger. i was recently in France and they are all over ebikes. i’m no huge fan of motorized sports, but y’all need to just accept and move on.

    Reminds me when starbucks got big “FIVE BUCKS for coffee? This is OUTRAGEOUS!”.

    They’re here, get over it or get counseling.

  6. the larger ebike debate is a sticky wicket. However, I think you make an excellent point, you potty ponderer. Specialized rarely equals access, imo. Unless it’s access to douchebags with too much coin.

  7. Where is the sense of self accomplishment in riding an electric assist mountain bike?

  8. Drunken anger is what we do best.

    If people have the money, that’s great. Just because I drive a Kia doesn’t mean someone else can’t drive a Maserati. My point is focused on the somewhat altruistic nature of their marketing. They want to pat themselves on the back for bringing new/former riders to cycling. But oh by the way the entry fee is $6-10K. ?_?

  9. Very simple solution: Boycott all bike brands who sell e-bikes.

    Do we want to help the enemy or feed them?

  10. @johnny v : who the hell isn’t *already* boycotting Specialized, for about 53 different reasons?

  11. If you thought an e-bike was bad, wait till Google actually start selling their self-driving bikes. You can expect it to cost at least $20K

  12. Specialized definitely comes as a ridiculous option, but there are other accesible options in the market and they’re taking over as a replacement of the car, not of regular bikes. For example Flux Bikes just launched on Indiegogo with super competitive prices on Indiegogo and a great campaign.

    The running argument just doesn’t apply because it fits different purposes, I know that people loves biking so passionately they become conservative and traditional, but we should all accept the change if it’s going to be a benefit for all.

  13. Specialized dirt bike: $9500.
    Honda CRF125F dirt bike: $2799. Faster. Bigger range. More reliable. Better warranty. Better resale value.

  14. Death to convenience and net worth!

    Long live the self-reliant striving for independence!

  15. Not to mention the automobile. Appy Polly loggies for protestin’ ‘n boycott’n on ye DC. I’m just thinkin’ we don’t have long here on this here Terra Firma so why not make a difference and make it known and possible, thoughtful and respectable for anyone to rode to the place that allows ability to provide sustainance for thyself, family and community and brought it back.

  16. Oh, I’m specialized(not) and I am a brand name that the unknowing consumer can pay absurd amounts of dough.

    For what?jerk company???!!!

    Appy Polly loggies I won’t thumb tap so much on any other topic….

    Soy Lence

    P.s. there is better bicycle for same price

  17. Excellent most specific comment. Ebike good? Splendid expression, yet concerns to parsimony. No question about it.