SSWC 2014 – The Movie

Well, it’s not much of a movie. But I did finally get around to editing all of the little video clips I had from our trip to Single Speed Worlds in Anchorage. Four blurry days summed up in 2 minutes of video.


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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single malt, and single women. Tempe, Arizona, USA

11 thoughts on “SSWC 2014 – The Movie

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  2. @Ishmail – I didn’t know it was a contest. But I gotta tell ya… badass trails ass trails and free beer in ALASKA with 18 hours of daylight will always win over a bunch of IMBA abortion trails in south Canada. Every time. But that video did have some geek-tastic drone footage though, i’ll give it that .

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