Video Dump

A fine collection of random video shit I have stumbled upon recently. Thanks to all of you who send me stuff through the Contact Page. Keep it coming, y’all are a funny bunch.

I have no issues with this bike whatsoever, but this is still pretty damn funny.


Although that bike is pretty schweet, I prefer this kind of Nomad.


A race from London to Istanbul? Awesome.


This guy adapts bicycle wheel to fit a car. Now ya know.

YouTube Preview Image


BMX progression is just getting more insane. A bit long for my taste, but if you watch anything, check out the last banger trick. Unreal.

YouTube Preview Image


John Joseph from the Cro-Mags┬áteaches you how to juice. “Diets are for jerk-offs”.

YouTube Preview Image


This almost makes me want to run. Almost. Sure does look like it would be a pretty great mountain bike course though

YouTube Preview Image


If you like skateboarding (and even if you don’t) this shit is rowdy.

YouTube Preview Image



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