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  3. MrsSenichka / I don’t understand why you are so against anti-aging eye creams. Anti-aging creams prevent wrinkles, which is nice. I don’t believe that you can get rid of wrinkles by using any type of cream.

  4. Meg, I’m crying at my desk with laughter. The way you told this story was so funny. Thanks for allowing me a window into your road trip with honesty and humor!! Sorry it wasn’t as you imagined, but I’m glad you wrote it down because you’ll appreciate it even more when time fades some of the frustration. You’re a great story teller!

  5. Oh Kirsten, you would be an amazing teacher. You’ll let us know when you make the change right? Please keep me posted on the Humane Society program, I’m definitely going to have to research some programs before I can really present anything.

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