Stuff Saturday: It’s the little things

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I haven’t done a Stuff Saturday in a while so I’m gonna hit you with one that is jam packed full of goodness. It seems that I have accumulated all kinds of useful small bits over the winter that you might find somewhat interesting.

King Cage BarBell

The wheels are always turning over at King Cage world headquarters. Their latest innovation is the BarBell. Upon first inspection, it appears to be just a normal hand made, bar mounted sounding device. But with a quick twist of the wrist, this bell transforms into a shot glass. Simple, functional, and drunk. Perfect.

IMG_0176 IMG_0173

The bell rings good and loud and the shot glass holds about 3/4 of an ounce of medicine. Just the right size for a little mid ride refreshment. In my drunk opinion, this is a must have item for at least one of your bikes. You can keep up with any new creations and product availability over at their facebook page.

Niner YAWYD and StemCAPtain

Your headset top cap helps to keeps the front end of your bike together and these two little bits are here to add a little flair. The Niner YAWYD allows you to mount the bottle cap of your favorite beverage right there behind your bars. Where as the StemCAPtain is a nifty little bottle opener.


The StemCAPtain rips the top off of any bottle with ease and comes in stealthy anodized black. My only concern is that the opener has a pretty sharp edge and I keep having visions of my knee smacking it on a technical climb. I have since moved it over to my townie where I won’t have to worry about that. Also, when riding the townie there is less likelihood of an SPD or a good rock around to open my bottle.

IMG_0481The YAWD works great and holds on to my Oak Creek Brewing Co. cap like a champ. When I’m suffering like a dog on a climb or in the wind, I tend to put my head down and pray for it to be over.  Now I get to suffer while staring at the bottle cap of one of my favorite beers. IMG_0487

Athlete Octane (small bottle) 

Athlete Octane is an old friend of DC and the athletes among us have always swore by the stuff. In fact, we are such great old friends that they put the DC logo on their team kits. This would normally make us a little biased when reviewing it, but I am not here to tell you about how it could make you faster or healthier. What I am going to say is that this stuff works wonders for a hangover.

Did you get a little over served and wake up feeling like a bucket of ass? Do your normal hangover remedy and then take a shot of Octane and the difference will be noticeable. The little bottles are pretty fantastic for trips to Vegas or those drunken multi-day bikepacks.

  *They are even nice enough to throw drunkcyclist readers a discount code for 20% off. Just use “dc20” at checkout.


Plus, they tend to post pictures of pretty ladies over on their facebook page


Mountain Flyer Magazine

 Lastly, I will throw in a little shameless self promotion. Mountain Flyer Magazine was kind enough to publish a story that I wrote in their March/April issue. I teamed up with photographer Devon Balet to tell the rest of the story from our fatbike trip down to Mexico last year. I am also pretty honored to share an issue with so may other great articles from the likes Shannon Galpin and our friend Chris Miller. Shannon’s article talks about her quest for women’s rights in war torn countries. It is filled with great pictures of riding in Afghanistan and some info about her organization Mountain2Mountain 


So if you haven’t heard of Mountain Flyer before, or you haven’t picked up the latest issue yet, give it a look. It kinda rocks.

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9 Replies to “Stuff Saturday: It’s the little things”

  1. I think you might be confusing King Cage (maker of water bottle cages and other drunk equipment) with Chris King (maker of shiny anodized bits)

  2. And Chris King hubs have been extremely reliable. Back in my shop days the only ones I ever saw fail were from a time when they used an Al freehub ratchet ring in the spline drive. It’s easily been 10 years since they switched to stainless steel. Unless there are more recent issues that I’m unaware of (in the last 5 years), I’m gonna say it’s likely abuse.

  3. And, Chris King would never use a bloody *hose clamp*. Nice idea for a bell – stupid ugly lazy-ass way of attaching it.

  4. That picture of the Octane ladies made me laugh. The blonde’s arms appear to be grotesquely photoshopped. But they are not. It’s just that other people’s arms are in the way. No, I am NOT a sick bastard who laughs at malformed people. It was just funny because these ladies were “pretty.” Have a nice day!

  5. Crooked – interesting spot, didn’t even notice.
    Did notice the giant O placement on the bottoms…struck me funny in a couple ways.

    DB – good post, now gotta grab a current Mtn Flyer for the rest of the story. Have always enjoyed that mag when I have purchased one.