head driven pedaling…

Jake McBurns- head crusher.
Jake McBurns- head crusher.

What gets us out to ride? Is it your legs that do the pedaling or is it really your head? I know for myself, I am driven 110% by whats going on in my mind. Most of the time I spend in the saddle, I am thinking about human interaction and how the bike feels on the trail.

The bike has always been my everything solver for the thoughts that don’t make any sense or crap you been bouncing around that you keep getting caught up on through out the week.  It also can be the confession booth, mom’s voice, dad’s logic, the doctor, the therapist, best friend, worst enemy, drinking buddy, stoner friend, good / bad client all in one. It’s all blasted at you at once when you get on the bike and eventually you sort it out- hopefully. Sometimes it take 50 miles of single track to get it all organized but when you do, it seems to work like clock work with ending in your driveway with a smile driven by confidence you found somewhere on the ride. Nothing better then opening your garage after a ride and liking your bike more so then when you left that day.


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6 thoughts on “head driven pedaling…

  1. Currently feel like I need a double century to straighten my shit out (presently settling for a double Maker’s Mark). C’mon Sunday.

  2. I hear ya! Especially the part about returning home and looking at the bike after a long run and loving it even more for the gift of peace of mind it gave you.