48 Hours of Fat

Caveman’s last video got me thinking about trying to do a little bit more self filming. I had a couple days free this week and I thought it would be fun to see how many different places I could ride my fat bike in 48 hours. I really wanted to get out of town so I pointed it north to Flagstaff. The only set destination being the Cinder Hills outside of town and I would make up everything else as I went along.

Driving through town I thought maybe I should stop at the skatepark and screw around a little bit. At the skatepark I ran into  a couple guys I knew and they reminded me of a pool out in the middle of nowhere. I figured what the hell, and drove out there. I had more fun out there by myself in that pool than should be legal, even if the footage is less than impressive. The next morning started a little slow thanks to a growler from Wanderlust Brewing the night before. But when I finally made it out to the cinders, I had the entire place to myself. I rode, pushed, and wheezed my way to the tops of the hills where I was rewarded with screaming fast and super sketchy descents. Once I had sufficiently scared myself, I decided to head down to Sedona to  meet up with some friends and end this whirlwind tour on some red dirt.

Here is a little two minute video I made to sum it all up. I hope you enjoy..

YouTube Preview Image


*Please note: I know the fat bike was the wrong tool for the job in a lot of this video. But sometimes it’s really fun to use a wrench for a hammer. No matter how big and goofy the wrench may be.

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds and single malt. Currently in Asheville, NC

11 thoughts on “48 Hours of Fat

  1. Love it, especially the comment about the wrench, sometimes I feel like a like a wrench being used as a hammer.

  2. Sweet Ride. Saw some dude turning multi laps on one this weekend at dawn to dusk showing balls to match his wheels. For you Phoenix, AZ folks here my man Ayrton Senna tearing up the streets (onboard) like you ham n’ eggers never will.
    And for those of you who don’t get why Senna belongs on this site then just remember that Senna would kick your ass in a wheelbarrow race.

  3. There’s gonna be a borstal breakout
    There’s gonna be a borstal breakout
    There’s gonna be a borstal breakout
    There’s gonna be a borstal breakout

    Well now I’m over the wall I’m nearly home
    I’m coming through that door coming back to you
    Now I’m nearly home nearly back for you

    There’s gonna be a fatbike breakout
    There’s gonna be a fatbike breakout
    There’s gonna be a fatbike breakout
    There’s gonna be a fatbike breakout

  4. @Hack— I was at that race. You can see our hotel go by, and we sat in the grandstand by the double 90-degree turn at the end of the lap. Forza!

  5. Yeah Mikey. I remember you saying you were there and thought you’d like this one. I love watching him dare this f’ng beast of a car to give him a little bit more.