The Sunday Spore with D2: Stand Up and Be Counted!

Hi Drunkcyclists. I think it might be Sunday…somewhere. Otherwise, I’m early to the party.

This week, I’ve got a special opportunity for you to play along at home. Here at DC, there’s been talk of making an official DC poster for your garage/workshop/cycling porn dungeon. Problem is, we’ve got so many great images, we just don’t know which one(s) to choose.

So, I thought I’d bring it to you to vote.

Below are a few images that I have unofficially chosen as the top few choices for the DC poster. They are conveniently numbered. If you’d be so kind, pick your top 2 favorites and post the numbers in the comments section. The photos with the most votes will be the new DC posters for your porn dungeon, on sale soon. If you don’t like any of the ones I chose, you can check out the REST OF THE GALLERY and pick your favorite from there.

(IMPORTANT: Can’t wait for the hard copy poster? Wife won’t let you hang a poster of a hot chick with bike parts in your garage? No problem. You can download the wallpaper for your computer desktop. Just click on the link beneath the photo and you’ll be taken to the ordering page.)

If you don’t like any of them, I’m sure you can bitch about it in the comments section. Or something.

Here we go:

Direct link to this photo HERE.
Number 2

Direct link to this photo HERE.
Number 3

Direct link to this photo HERE.
Number 4

Direct link to this photo HERE.

Number 5

Direct link to this photo HERE.


Western As Fuck
Number 6

Direct link to this photo HERE.


Number 7
Number 7

Direct link to this photo HERE.

Number 8
Number 8

Direct link to this photo HERE.


Number 9
Number 9

Direct link to this photo HERE.

Number 10
Number 10

Direct link to this photo HERE.


Number 11
Number 11

Direct link to this photo HERE.


Number 12


Direct link to this photo HERE.


Number 13
Number 13


Direct link to this photo HERE.


Number 14
Number 14


Direct link to this photo HERE.

If you’ve made it this far, let me say one last thing: spare me the “THESE CHICKS HAVE NEVER PUSHED A PEDAL IN THEIR LIVES” diatribe. It’s boring and it makes you sound lame. These are beautiful women who were kind enough to model DC wares. If you don’t like them, that’s cool. You don’t have to. But please, be more creative than that. Fuckin A.

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About D2

I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

77 thoughts on “The Sunday Spore with D2: Stand Up and Be Counted!

  1. Picture # 3. Bought my wife (who hates cycling, thinks my bikes are toys and only humors me at best for my life long cycling passion) women specific bibs in hope she might ride more. I’ve bought her a bike, custom Sidi women specific shoes, and several very expensive after ride (5 to 10 miles flat and slow rides mind you) meals. Anyway, she put the bibs on, looked at me, and said, and I qoute . . “You only bought these to f(## me.” I being the consumate gentleman and cyclist obliged immediately less she think I was some uncaring typcial scumbag husband.

    # 10 is ok. Torque is very important in working with carbon.

    My humble opinions as I sit sipping a Negroni and contemplating tomorrows riding sufferfest.

  2. Can I still vote if I have a vagina? Because I could stare at numbers 5 and 8 all day.

    Side note: where can this woman get some DC panties??

  3. My picks are #s 3, 5, 12.

    Will the profits go to the purchase of a rack for the blonde for next year’s poster?

  4. A calendar is in the works. I am in need of models, though, so if you or anyone you know is a lady (sexy girls who actually ride bikes are definitely preferred), please get them in contact with me.

  5. sarah, if you’re serious, contact me directly. You can use the contact form at to get a hold of me…let’s talk!

  6. wow d2, you have a way with the camera! bless you! my vote:3, 5. but truly they all are worthy of me, i mean my wall

  7. No, people, No!

    This gratuitous exploitation of women is wrong!

    Wrong, I tell you, wrong!

    How can you look your mother, wife or sisters in the eye after salivating like wild animals? I swear that I had to use a sponge to get all the drool off my monitor.

    Shame, people, shame!

    This disrespectful attitude to women like they were cattle at an auction is unacceptable.

    D2, you BASTARD!! How do you sleep at night?
    (Well with these babes you wouldn’t be doing much sleeping, BUT THAT’S BESIDE THE POINT, stop distracting me).

  8. Those chicks have never pushed down a pedal in their life. Sorry D2, that is all you get because that is all the matters. Pretty girls, true. Cyclist? Never. Thought this was the oldest cycling blog in the industry. Seems like y’all should keep to the roots. Just saying.

    On a positive note; great images! Styling, lighting and posing is great! Go find yourself some athletes! YOU LIVE IN CO SPRINGS!!!

  9. And by the way… I don’t give a fuck if I sound lame. This is a cycling blog, not Victory Secrets. If you need help finding real athletes that also make great models let me know. They are EVERYWHERE.

  10. Dmoney: you help me find them, I will gladly shoot them! You know how to get a hold of me. Let’s make it happen…

  11. Well it looks like #8 is in the lead. I’ll give it another day or two of voting, then go with it!

  12. @DMoney, “seems like ya’all should keep to the roots”. Um, if you were checking this site out several years ago, then its safe to say this is keeping to DC’s roots.

  13. I liked #2 and #11. That way it can be hung up in a shop and not be seen as hyper offensive by most and it has the handy Torque Conversion Chart, so it’s useful as fuck.

  14. D2, beauty pics as always. Come to Chicago sometime, I know a ton of beautiful female cyclists. Some of them posed for a calendar already too. Thought You Knew ;)

  15. Please tell me you got laid….. the tattoo chick just looks like she could do a whole lotta dirty shit, which is always a plus.

  16. Calendar is on the agenda, but it takes a good amount of cash. DC fans buy enough posters, a calendar will happen!

  17. I’d buy one of them, but only because I could then be outraged in private.


  18. the top two images read: “drunkcyclist.cox” or “drunkcyclist.coh”. otherwise a pretty lame ass shoot. porn and bikes are cool. dumpster sluts and a carbon bike are not. at the very least, you could’ve put the sluts on steel.

    and the lighting, atmosphere,etc… really? overdone and cheesy is D2’s game. i expect more.

  19. and “western as fuck”… wtf? co springs is on the east side of da divide. subtle but huge. maybe D2 thinks I-25 is the west… wrong. step up, young spore. DC demands more.

  20. Hey mutant: see those bubbly lines on the frame? Those are welds, fuckface. You can’t weld carbon.

    Otherwise, it’s nice to see you again. I missed your nonsensical posts. They make me feel special and alive.

  21. …@ mu-taint…99% of all texans live east of ‘the springs’ according to those longitudinal lines on a map…tell them they aren’t western & get back to us…

    …plus you’ll note the ‘dc’ logo on the ‘western as fuck’ versions looks like a cattle brand…some folks have ‘dc’ as a tat but i’ll pay for your brand if deetoo gets to do the work…

  22. dudes the reason these spinners aren’t more well endowed is that ones who are get paid for it so give it a rest.

  23. “…well endowed…” don’t mean shit. If you don’t know how to treat a lady, it don’t matter what you’re packing.

  24. d2…hope you & yours are okay, bud…seems to be getting worse out your way…

    …even if you’re safe, everything must be kinda unhinged at this point from air quality on down…

  25. No riding=the suck. Everything is closed because of the fire…but at least we’re safe and our house is fine. The smoke has been pretty unbearable, but today it let up and the air is actually breathable. Progress is being made!

    Thanks for the concern…