Man, those poor compassionate socks…

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This has to be one of the finest days in cycling, the compassion socks getting fucking busted for making us all look bad. Really here is the real shit on the fucking issue… no more compassion from the UCI.

Maybe UCI saw this image I posted awhile back-

I don't hate the people, just the socks
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14 Replies to “Man, those poor compassionate socks…”

  1. Yo, that and the lawyer tabs are coming out. Ha! No more filling ’em down. This will be interesting.

    And, I’m wearing compression socks as I type this.

  2. I file the F-ing “lawyer tabs” off my forks as soon as I get home with a new bike! Now I find out I’m not in UCI compliance, bullshit! Like there is any kind of warranty after a crash, wtf?

  3. Compression socks are ugly, but if you have to sit at a desk after working out (or not working out), they’re awesome.

  4. Funny shit when people who don’t need a medical item use it to supposedly enhance performance. (see EPO)
    I wear gay ass lookin compression sox 9 hours a day workin on your Avid Elixers, Fox 36’s, Niner Air carbons, MGX full suspensions, FIT bmx’ers, Moots CX bikes, etc, etc. I aint tryin to look cool, but who gives a shit if their mechanic looks cool . . .can the motherfucker get your creaking headset dialed before the next crit?
    Hater and Hipster both start with H.


  5. up here in the great mossy NW, we wear long trousers— no one can tell if you’re wearing compassion sox. Ha!

  6. My opinion of the socks seems to track very closely with my opinion of the legs wearing them. Hmmm….

  7. Hahaha! As a former warranty manager, I can’t stop laughing about UCI lawyer tab bullshit. More wheel/ QR issues arise because the QR is tightened on top of the tabs. What an f’n joke! And fork warranty? There is no such thing! I used to send out warranty frames and forks to “Snake” and the team and those things where modified to all he’ll. But of you aren’t a team rider, your screwed!
    Now, are my DC socks UCI compliant?

  8. Nevermind that. Can I still carry a bag of Skittles in my jersey pocket?

  9. UCI is starting to sound like another pro sports goliath, the nfl. Way to keep out any individuality from your corporation.