Handing the UCI flag over to the US

CX Worlds in Koksijde is a big deal. Like the fucking Super Bowl or something. Next year, it will be held here in the US, in Louisville, a 90 minute drive from my house. Post race, they made a big deal of passing the UCI flag over to the US. I saw these pictures on Mark Legg’s Facebook page and he graciously gave me permission to post them here.

Joan Hanscom, race promoter for CX Worlds 2013 revieves the flag

I wonder how Pat McQuaid felt about the flag being passed over to a female? It must be hard for him to contemplate how a female could be capable of handling such a big race.

A little bird told me “There’s a lot of old school men in the UCI and the race promoters are all a boy’s only club. It will take some time but Cyclocross is leading the way for women.”

It’s becoming a woman’s world now, so they better get the fuck over it.

Pat Mcquaid and KFC

I can’t wait till next year’s CX Worlds. Hopefully with Katie racing on familiar territory, she will kick some major ass. I will be there, cheering loudly.

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61 thoughts on “Handing the UCI flag over to the US

  1. When I first raced cross in 2005 Katie would line up against us cat4 races and rip our legs off,..Shortly there after she started racing the elite women and ripping their legs off.. Katie Fucking Compton!!

  2. Sir Paddycake needs to just get over Himself. He’s going to make pro cycling irrelevant if he doesn’t wake up and join the 21st century soon.
    I envy your proximity to 2013 CX Worlds. Sadly, it’s too close to other stuff happening for me and I cannot afford two cross-country trips. I expect over-the-top full reporting.

  3. If that means imma need to eat a lot more girl-bits to get good seats or whatever… count me in. I like beer, boobs and girls on bikes.

  4. …if the thought of kfc makes you hungry for fried chicken, good god almighty, may the baby jeebuz shut your mouth & open your eyes n’ tastebuds…

  5. No worries, mate. Mrs. Joe’s oven-fried chicken is my dead bird of choice. Still, the very thought of that greasy, stripey bucket is a powerful trigger.

  6. You’d have to ask Mrs. Joe, bg. She makes her own breaded coating with her own blend of spices, coats the dead bird, puts it on a baking sheet and throws it in the oven. I know there’s Old Bay seasoning in it, and paprika, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper. Basically the Bisquick recipe, but tweaked and honed unit it’s uniquely hers. Usedtabe the Mrs. fried chicken up in my vintage Wagner cast iron skillet, but cholesterol and borderline high blood sugar required afew modifications. Tell the truth, I now prefer her oven fried to the old way. Give it a shot sometime. You just might like it.

  7. I got chicked last weekend by Kelli Emmett. It felt good too. like being scolded by mom, it hurt, but I knew she cared. 3 hours prior to that, I wish I’d asked her about the situation of women’s profhessianal cycling. she’s ben turning pro pedals for 13 years. so she might know a thing. damn.

  8. ********************************************

    …there IS a dog/god after all…contadsor sanctioned 2 years…loses tour & giro titles…

    …nice…the sport looks to be less of a farce, at least for a while…

  9. yeah, and whatshisname, the guy who rode in second, must be really basking in the glory about now.

  10. …you mean “mr. i can’t shift gears” ???…

    …look…i don’t think “justice” was actually served when it comes to the issue of doping in cycling but i’m glad to see alberto contador go down ‘cuz he was such in indignant cunt about this whole affair from the very beginning…

    “…you can’t bust ME because i learned from the very best (messers armstrong & bruyneel) in pulling the wool over peoples eyes…”

    …well, fuck you, bubba…you pointed your little finger (pistelero) at everyone but your own incompetence & while it may be politics coming back to bite you in the ass, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy…

  11. how the conversation goes from women’s racing to fried chicken to a tdf that happened 2+ years ago is beyond me.

  12. “I wonder how Pat McQuaid felt about the flag being passed over to a female? It must be hard for him to contemplate how a female could be capable of handling such a big race.”

    Do you have any reason to believe that Pat McQuaid is sexist or are you just assuming he must be since he’s a powerful man in a sexist sport? Just sort of seems like you’re picking a fight for no other reason than be self righteous, but do correct me if I’m wrong.

  13. @kelsi – i have had my share of dealing with an all-boys cycling club and it was more sexism than i care to ever deal with again. the uci is an all boys club so would i expect anything less from pat mcquaid? hell no. i am not picking a fight – i was just SUPER stoked to see joan getting that flag. she is the only female race promoter i know and kicks ass.

  14. Those were girl getting the flag? I thought it was all dudes in that picture. Interesting.

  15. @judi (I think thats how the kids do it these days)
    Then be stoked and positive for Joan. I’ve been a reader for many years longer than you knew this site existed. Funny, sad, smart ass, jack ass, and insightful posts are always around. I’m not sure what it would take and I know you have had issues, we all know, but some of your posts are quite downers. I’m pretty sure the world wasn’t created with the purpose of making your life hard by having every race promoter’s #1 issue to be sexism.

    It may be therapy for you to post blamefests but it isn’t super fun or interesting for me, I can’t speak for the others.

    Carry on and I hope you have a great day!

  16. @ribsteak, i was TOTALLY stoked to see joan getting the flag. that’s why i asked mark for permission to use the pictures. i am sorry you see this post as a downer. i wasn’t really trying to be – just stating my opinions like usual.

    i hope you have a great day too.

  17. I think Ribsteak meant to say that the majority of your posts are lacking. He was just trying to be nice but it is true, your posts really are not very interesting. You do not write that well and very few share your concern for sexism and inequality in women’s cycling. The site has pretty much jumped the shark since you came on board. The site’s downfall is not solely your fault, just a victim of changing times. Jonny’s gift for writing and entertaining the masses cannot be duplicated by the handful of those assigned the task.

  18. Don’t speak for me dumbass. I’d like to see more women racing bikes. More women racing, means more women riding, which is more better. Judi puts her words out there as a front-pager, which is more guts and time than most of us have. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Funny thing about the intardwebtubes is that everyone’s a critic. If you can do better, start your own blog.

  19. if you don’t like what you see here, why do you continue to come back and read the posts? and take the time to comment? don’t you know you are just feeding our stats?

  20. …100% with el jefe when it comes to supporting women’s bike racing for all the reasons he mentioned…

    …i also see that support as a subconscious form of communication between the sexes…laugh at the concept if you will but i stand by it…

    …& i for one see it as a drag when the women’s side of the sport is not well supported by the industry ‘cuz those guys know the numbers & demographics & they’ll be the first to admit they’re trying to sell the shit out of chick’s bikes… (excuse me – create a strong women’s market)…

  21. There may be an internal sadness given the vivacious and friend flimsy words of one “big jonny” rarely grace these tronic pages. The peak of that, mind you, was in ’03. Perhaps that was a heyday for you when all was a party or before your capability to think expanded and you subsequently realized how much life might start sucking. That’s perspective dependent of course, but I digress. Jonny had his time here, and he is rad, but then it was time for him to grow while giving DC to others so they could take a run at it. That set in place its evolution, and it becomes even more formidable as it goes. Judi is a part of that. Her insights and defense of the feminine cycling experience will always be supported here. The truth is in the numbers, not the words of a minority opinion such as what fits in your mind.

    You are yet another of a handful of NoAZ or other regional failures, holed up and full of hate looking for and finding a free point to trumpet bummer bullshit in hopes of recovering past dreams of dominance perhaps? It doesn’t matter. But, it is funny when you think on it.

    “How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?… Yeah… Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would’ve been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.

    Whatever the case, go on. Trumpet. Get Rad here. Do it for free, on our dime. Then get back to laboring over your chop saw, your millions, your box wrench, your law office, your beat down f150, your blown out single mom gf, the real estate effort, middle management, her brat kid and/or that tragic can of beer. it’s all good. Being stoked isn’t for everyone. But rest assured…

    We’re here. We can take it. We understand.

  22. @33 Ribsteak and 35 Dogbreath Labrador: Quite the opposite, different people, different angles, different writing styles. Wake up it’s already 2012

  23. But things must never change from when I first found this (town, website, restaurant, club, bar, band… whatever, take your pick). Things must stay exactly how they were, back when it was cool.

  24. I think the computation machine says 1364 is the latest number of “non” big jonny contributor posts on the web log that imagines itself as Drunk Cyclist. I believe the same computation machine says big jonny’s number is 1814. If we believe December ’03 was the end of big jonny’s heyday, then that means we’ve had 8 years of “other people” taking the reins of the web logging chores on this Drunk Cyclist page. That’s about 170.5 web logs per year. If numbers of posts = shares of web log, then I think that means all the other web loggers who post here and are not called big jonny have to wait 2 more years before they can say this is “our” web log. I think that will be the time when this page officially jumps the shark. The shark jump could happen sooner if the “non” big jonny web loggers decide to post more web logs. Out.

  25. Danbana: Nice math. You must be a smart guy. I bet you can use the google and find a different cycling blog, too.

  26. D2… your not DC… drop the attitude, your not hard enough to back it up on this blog, in the streets, or on you bike.

  27. Lacking a time machine or adequate majik powers to turn BJ back into a 25 year old and then forcing him to re-do having a similar life and then forcing him to write about it you’ll have to accept that the ship has sailed on, maybe without you.

    But if yer feelin’ nostalgic the DC archives are alive and well, though the link at top page is no more.

    Highlights I suggest:
    Sunday, July 15th, 2001 – quarter of a way down the page, there’s an email from a fellow named anonymous detailing a poop situation at a Ryan’s steakhouse, you’ll laugh til you shit.

    Monday, April 26th, 2004 – sad one, near the top of the page, final email from that day’s entry, Tony Bagodonuts talks of a man named Ben Hall who died in a race crash, but the picture that was included is the most badass cycling picture I’ve ever seen. The panther like crouch, the leg development, the lime green shades, AND THE BEARD! Awesome.

  28. we are forever evolving. change happens. embrace it. if you don’t, you will just end up an old, fat, toothless, limp-dick L-O-S-E-R anyways.

  29. …snippy…snippy, snippy, snippy…everybody is fucking snippy these days…

    …you’re not as cool as me, you’re not as smart as me, you’re not as fast as me, you can’t drink as much as me & your dick isn’t as big as mine…

    …i’m always right, you’re always wrong so i’m entitled & you can never be so get used to it…

    …the people i know are cooler than the people you know, they’ve been around longer than anybody you’ll ever know & they know more than the people that you know, know…

    …our bikes are cooler than your bikes, they’re lighter, faster, neater looking & require less maintenance even when we ride further, faster & harder than you…

    …we live in a cooler part of town than you & we’ve been here longer so maybe you should just leave…

    …let’s face it…i’m me & you’re not, so i’m just sayin’…

  30. I miss Big Jonny.

    I like turtles.

    And fried chicken too.

    BTW, I’m alittlol drunk.

    That is all.

    Is that you John Wayne?

  31. …that WAS, in the end, a totally epic post considering how far & wide it ranged in content…

    …it started in all seriousness, embraced a lotta anger & vitriol from all sides & when logic was ignored, it then devolved into some crazy funny shit throughout but ultimately gianni grande’s ‘pothole & bleeding nose’ foto near the end set up little jar redux comment which just completely pushed it over the top…

    ‘our finest moment…” indeed…

  32. @TripleF

    If I remember correctly it was me who bestowed the title of DC Turtle God upon you in that epic thread. When others wilted away it was you who stayed the course and carried the day to the 316 comments record. It was a life changing episode for me. So much that I morphed from Tony to Cap’n Tony in the process.

    So I think it’s time you changed your moniker to The Grand Turtle/Terrapin/Tortoise God of DC or “TripleT”.

    This comment is only slightly less retarded than the retarded horse comment I made in the epic post, which temporarily got the comments shut down. So, before I piss Gnome off and he lambastes me with some jive, I’ll shut it down.

    And here is something we all love:

  33. no need for lamb balisticing. And that historic 316 comment post makes me miss my little jar a ‘lil bit.

  34. Way cool. Could you tell if Pat McQuaid’s pants had larger pockets than usual for easily sliding large bundles of cash into surreptitiously?

    And where the fuck has Jonny gone?