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13 thoughts on “Non Sequitur for the Weekend

  1. …i HAVE offered my services for fulfilling that role with several women i know…

    …i just think it’s so much more personal that way…

  2. Wow, and here I was having trouble picking out the perfect Christmas gift for that special person in my life. Thank you Drunkcyclist.com!

  3. $55 PLUS, PLUS shipping and handling?

    I’m sure if you’ve got sleeping issues related to “too-plump-cans” you can find a cheaper solution.

  4. That mondo preggo cleavage at 0:42 burned into my brain and I may never get it out. I knew you were a sick fuck.

    Hey, does kush have openings for field reps? You know, doing demos n’shit?

  5. First things firsr-Keith, Mayo for filling is nasty, unless it a spray job with man mayo for your girl. Now who is gonna payy 55 bucks for that thing?