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24 thoughts on “Rowdy Rocker Warm Up Jumper

  1. …gotta find a ‘surplus store’ (if they still have ’em) & i’ll bet you’d come up with some cool/warm shit…

    …btw, caveman – saw yer ‘moscow, potato state’ shots…rad, nice…

  2. Looks like a “Carhaart”. If you want one, Look in http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/Main.aspx? They have everything military surplus for dirt cheap. also have camping gear and whatever you might not want. Good place to get work clothes for me, as I wrench on boats for a living. I’ll keep my eyes peeled and either buy it for ya, or send the link to it.

  3. Thanks for finding the link- that is so much better then a snuggy jumper.

    BGW, thanks man. Fall in the NW is a hobbits paridise- I hope to run into some someday walking under the canopies of the western red cedars. The thought of sharing sausages and beer with them would be a great end of the day of shooting. I am sure that won’t happen in my life time.

    Spokane has a surplus store and the guy that owns it loves war gadgets.

  4. Hurben, you living in Auckland? I have a very good lady friend from there- hell of a character I must say. Yes, your living in it- so jealous. Thanks for the article, Sir Peter Jackson sounds like he’s loving the middle of the Earth for a meant to be film. Have you seen them doing any of the filming?

  5. Hi Caveman,

    Yep, I’m in Auckland.

    Peter Jackson is notoriously secretive about his works in progress.

    They’ve closed Hobbiton to the public for the duration of his filming & all his other sites have pretty tight security so no one’s going to see anything until he allows it.

  6. @Hurben

    Son of a B. Much better angle.

    Yea. They went in quick. Impressive.

    Good to see the pilot made it ok.

  7. …jeezus, that must have been terrifying not only for the pilot but for anyone in close proximity on the ground…

    …if a piece of one of those rotor blades, whether it’s from either the main or tail rotor comes flying at you, it’s gonna be a killer…

    …while the main rotor might only be spinning at 250 to 500 rpm, the tip of that long blade could be traveling close to the speed of sound in full flight, so figure on landing, if a chunk comes off, it’s still prob’ly moving at two or three hundred miles per hour…flatline…

    …tail rotors spin up to maybe 14,000 rpm so it ain’t gonna take a big piece of that, if it’s broken off, to create major havoc if it hits ‘soft machine’

    …crazy shit…

  8. @BGW,

    Yep, what impressed me the most was all the interviews afterwards.

    No one was being a hero, just typical Kiwis,

    Pretty much, “yep, shit happens, we got in there, got him & got out”.

    Fucking awesome, I love these people.

  9. …hey, hurben…someday, someday, someday…whoops, just thinkin’ out loud…the dodo is extinct so maybe the kiwi gov will invite this dodo down there as a replacement…

    …& speaking of someday, i gotta remember to take your cd down to the post office & find a container for it & ship it out…

  10. That’s all well and good, group hug a’aight, but they wrote off a US$1M chopper. That is not a good result.

  11. @Mikey,

    Yep, hear what you are saying, but, yeah, no one died! who gives a rats fucking arse about the chopper.

    Or am I missing something here?

  12. Yea. I’m with Hurben.

    Fuck the chopper.

    Wild scene. Good show. But everyone walked away is all I care about.

  13. …somebody’s insurance rates are gonna go up but yeah, bottom line, nobody died or was even particularly hurt…

    …that fucking helicopter looked like some kind of giant ‘japanese monster movie’ insect hit by a villainous bug zapper as it folded under itself & plunged to the tarmac…

    …could a’ been so much worse…

  14. It seems to me that when operating a million-dollar machine owned by someone else, one is obligated to bring that machine home in approximately the same condition as when you fired it up. Failing to do so seems like a negative career move.

  15. Back on topic-Wait. What? Arctic Carhartts is almost two hyundred bones now? Jeeze. Got a pair in my closet I’ve had for dog’s years that need new leg zippers but I balkied at the cost. Think I’ll get ’em fixed after all.

    And just from my experience of working outdoors for more than twenty years, it has to be really seriously fucking COLD, as in single digits, before those Arctic coveralls start to make sense. I’m talking single digits. Me, I usually just run insulated bibs and a Carhartt jacket. Layer up underneath ahd you’ll be cozy all day long.

    But man, when you really need ‘en, nothing beats the coveralls.