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Our friends over at Hub Event Productions put on a little race last weekend here in Tempe, AZ called the Cruiserman. Technically, it was a triathlon, but it is one like you have never seen. Do the swim with any floatation device you want, ride a beach cruiser a few miles, run a little bit, then drink a free beer from San Tan Brewery. Seemed like something we should be a part of, minus the whole swimming thing. I got on the horn to our resident crash test dummy/guinea pig, Scandinavian Jesus, to see if he wanted to roll it with a DC jersey on. If you remember, he is a bit of a sucker for peer pressure. He was in. We got him registered for the duathlon, cause drunkcyclists don’t tri.

He cruised the bike, took my hand-up, and set off on the run:

And that sonofabitch won the damn thing. This is what winning looks like:

 He had to overcome some very serious competition:

But everybody seemed to have a smile on  their face…kinda like this one:

Hub did an awesome job of putting on this first ever event. There was a smile on the face of every single person who came across the finish line. That tells me it was a job well done. SJ’s quote later that evening was “Cruiserman, more like Boozerman…I got pretty drunk out there today”.  A job well done indeed.

There is even some talk of a joint event with DC and Hub in the not so distant future…stay tuned

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4 Replies to “Boozerman”

  1. Seattle weather is shit, I fly for free, mom lives in Scottsdale. Give us a good heads up for the joint event if it happens, I be comin’ !!!