Recently, DC was featured in an article about cycling blogs in i-D Magazine from the UK. I just wanted to share  our little blurb from the piece:

Fresh from finishing law school, the drunk cyclist has been falling off the wagon for over a decade, publishing his muses on racing, roads and Raleigh riding. Dedicating his life to everything he encounters when behind his handlebars, Big Jonny is the brains behind this intoxicating operation.

Why did you start the blog? I started writing the blog back when I was working as a mechanic in a bike shop. All my friends were people I had met through cycling. It was pretty much all I knew. Writing about cycling was a bit like just putting to paper what I was doing already over beers with the boys. Not much has changed in ten years it seems.

What differentiates you from the rest? We do what we do. It seems like DC has been around for so long that we’re pretty well-established. When I started this thing, it was more of an E/N site. Those were the everything/nothing days when folks hard-coded HTML and uploaded to rented server space. Clumsy, at best. Way before WordPress or other like blogging software. Now, of course, there is a lot more than just my drooling idiocy as content. We write about bikes, our experiences, our friends. Fun stuff.

How do you keep the turnover of content fresh? Content hasn’t been much of a problem, save for a rather bleak period while I was recovering from a broken back after being hit by a drunk driver in August of 2006. I wasn’t riding bikes, I wasn’t logging miles with the chain gang, and I wasn’t racing. I was just writing some poetry just trying to keep my mind moving. I truly felt I didn’t have much to offer in way of content for the website. But, that was then and this is now. These days there is so much happening on the site that we check with each other so we don’t post too quickly and give everyone a chance to shine. Quite a difference.

You can read the complete article here: here.

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds and single malt. Currently in Asheville, NC

2 thoughts on “DC/iD

  1. Big Jonny, keeping it real one oily popcorn kernel at a time! “All my friends were people I had met through cycling. It was pretty much all I knew.” I can totally relate to the big guy!!