Some Cows…

This past Halloween, I did not party like in years past, mostly because I don’t really know anyone here in Colorado Springs to party with. In lieu of drunken debauchery, I went to a Halloween criterium put on by the Women’s Mountain Biking Association of Colorado Springs, and I’ll tell ya, I had a damn good time. I didn’t ride, but I did take some photos, which are here for your perusal. Gotta give props to a badass local organization. Any group that gets the ladies on bikes is good in my book, and this was a helluva event: fun for the adults, fun for the kiddies. Lots of cool schwag to be won as well. More events like this need to happen…

Bike people. They’re good people.

**As a disclaimer, all photos are copyright © 2011 D2 Photography

The first lap. The gentleman in the lead's costume made sense when you saw it with his wife's costume. He was Guiness, she was Bass. He's black, she's Mexican. Together, they were Black and Tan. The sense of humor was out in full force.


Charlie Brown can fuckin' huck.
Voodoo bikes well represented with some ass-end air.


He's ethnic.


I don't think this dude touched the rocks throughout the entire race.


Some cows jump over the moon. Some cows just eat shit.


Fuck Hammer Gel. This guy's got mocha latte.


Hide your daughters. This kid's a pimp.


The FIRST HUCK. It's all downhill from here.


Some cows jump over the moon. Some cows eat shit. Some cows eat more chikin.


Boo, you two wheeled drunkards.
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I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

12 thoughts on “Some Cows…

  1. Great post D2.

    Halloween is not a traditional NZ celebration & has only appeared here in the last 5 or so years primarily driven by big box retailers selling cheap shit & creating a market.

    Therefore I’m opposed to it.

    However this is a Halloween celebration that I’d absolutely support!

  2. It’s all about the kids these days. I was just out on a few days of adventure with my little man. Skate park, oak creek, a little hiking, some movies. You know, standard shit. And you know? It’s the tops, every time. No doubt about it.

  3. grate pix. you’d think if a cow could jump over the moon one should be able to clean a curb. glad i wasn’t drinking anything

  4. actually meant, if i had been drinking i would have sprayed it all over my moniter when i laughed out loud. if i had been on the ride, drinking would have been imperative, quite possibly ”

  5. Gotcha….yea, you should have seen it in person. There’s that moment when you wait to see if he’s okay, then you laugh your balls off.