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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

18 Replies to “The Netherlands: Cycling for everyone”

  1. A bit too much road furniture from my experience… But hell, i’m nitpicking on the colour of the holy grail.

    We know that this model is not transferable to the US, the densities and distances are totally different, but, for for some cities/urban areas, it could work.

    The only problem are your dumb arsed “look at me on Fox” politicians…

  2. I’d say the only dumbasses are the liberals who refuse to appear on Fox, despite repeated invitations.

  3. I want to have wild hot monkey sex with that cute brunette in the polka dot dress. From my hazy recollections of Amsterdam filtered through clouds of hashish and pitchers of Heineken and the frequent over stimulation of staying in a cheap hotel in the red light district, I’d say that most Dutch women look like that. Tall, slim, very attractive.

    Who needs Italian porn when you have svelte Dutch women riding bikes in dresses? Dutch Bike Porn…..Booiiinngg!

    Thanks, Judi.

  4. as a bike commuter I could only dream that people in cars would be so tolerant…I always laugh st people getting angry at me for being in their way…I know it’s horrible of me to inconvenience them for 5 seconds while they sit on heated leather seats listening to their bose stereo’s…I guess they’re scared the all you can eat buffet will run out of food! that video gives me one more reason to wanna move to Amsterdam!

  5. yesterday i was riding along in newport on route 8, heavy traffic, two lanes. i got honked at for riding my bike w/ a friend. i was on his wheel. i flipped off the car honking at us, and lo and behold, its an old fat woman. we came to a stoplight, and normally i would have let her have it, but instead, the fat bitch got out of her car to scream at ME – that i wasn’t over far enough and that she couldn’t go over the yellow line to pass us. i just let it go – she was old, fat, and obviously clueless. though cincinnati is working hard to be more of a cycling friendly city, we will always have the fat fucks hating on us.

  6. Nice video. Here in Vancouver, there’s not too much hating going on for the most part, but our few km of segregated lanes aren’t that well received by the motoring lobby. Whilst I generally prefer to ride in the road where bikes belong, (and I avoid shared-use paths like the plague) I do choose the segregated lanes downtown to do my bit to keep the measurements of rider usage up. I accept that for a lot of riders the sense of security they (segregated lanes) give is a big plus, and can be the difference between riding or not.

    It is all relative, but he most bike-hostile place I’ve ever ridden is Australia.

  7. My fondest experience was having a sheriff in La Crosse WI inform me that “After 15 years in law enforcement it’s usually your type that causes the problems.” This after being hacked on a right turn with mom flipping me the finger, and daughter laughing as I collided with their car. Cop asked me if I wanted a ticket for misdemeanor disturbing the piece, or just shut up and walk away. Redneck hell.

  8. Wow- Crank that sounds awful. Ok now WI off my list of places I would never visit anyway. cause it has too much corn and combines. I am fortunate enough to have 6′ wide bike lanes throughout most of my rural county in NJ. No riding to work though, unless you don’t mind a 40-50mile commute one way. I am sure some can afford to live closer to work. I’ve noticed that it makes for great club rides on weekends with the great big bike lanes. Hoorah for Burlington Co, NJ

  9. I’ve been in Amsterdam for five years now. Yes, it’s awesome :) I’ve cycled pretty much everywhere in the video; that bridge at 6:18 is about the steepest ‘climb’ within 30km. There are bike paths and sign-posted routes throughout the entire country — that’s where it gets nice and fun; cycling in the city is kind of like driving anywhere else, distracted ‘drivers’ everywhere: eating, texting, talking, with headphones on, etc. And since scooters that go under 40km/h are allowed in the bike lanes, a lot of souped-up scooters buzzing around…still it’s incredibly safe and efficient. The city identifies ‘black spots’ — where a high number of accidents occur — and will change the traffic flow and separation to reduce incidents.

    Unfortunately, I tore my Achilles tendon four weeks ago playing football (soccer) and I’ve got another couple weeks in a cast before I can possibly ride the trainer — never thought I would look forward to the trainer, but I am now! As much as I miss my road bike, which is a lot since I rode it nearly 10k km this year (in my DC jersey!), I miss my city bike even more…grocery shopping and going out anywhere without it is a more of a pain than the injury! Fortunately, natural pain medicine is also readily available ;) Did I mention Amsterdam is awesome?

  10. Netherlands may be lightyears ahead with the bicycle
    but they are lagging behind the US in creative media

  11. Oh yeah… I’ve noticed a trend.

    The fat man will save the day
    but the fat bitch will ruin it with a vengeance
    I know.
    I lived in Washington. Fat bitches run the gov there. Here’s your FEE.