The Cycle of Life – Tim and Ali Delgado


You are a doctor working in the ER on a Sunday afternoon. You get the call that a cyclist was hit. You are dispatched to the scene via helicopter.

You see the victim, and it’s your wife.

I posted this “cyclist down” story a year ago. This is the follow up to the incredible story of Tim and Ali Delgado.

Please watch.

UPDATED: If the YouTube link doesn’t load, watch it here.


YouTube Preview Image

Source: ESPN

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12 thoughts on “The Cycle of Life – Tim and Ali Delgado

  1. Judi,

    clicking on that I’m told that it’s not available in my country.

    I’d appreciate a short summary

  2. Awesome story. I do the same thing when I ride with my wife…ride behind and stagger myself so a car would hit me instead of her. I worry when she rides by herself…wish she was a mountain biker. :( I could not imagine the pain this man went through…

  3. Thanks for the ESPN posting Judi. This is far too real of a scenario here on the northshore of Superior or any other small community. A cyclist down is most likely someone you know… Many in my cycling circle are also under my roof of employment and it can be tough when someone is in for treatment rather than a shift. Having been involved through stages from the ER to the insurance issues and rehab. I often wonder how I would manage it if were one of my friends or family involved in an accident. I hope to have the strength this couple has shown…

  4. Grow the fuck up. This is an obvious attempt to resurrect ESPN’s rep to cyclists.Got run over at the Tour de Drugs, and we laughed about it. Let’s be contrite and release this soppy little love story. Please.

  5. I don’t know that I can bring myself to watch the video. When I got hit, the wife of a good customer of mine was the ER nurse on shift. Her husband and I rode a lot of the same routes at about the same times while commuting. I can only imagine the panic (which we did talk about later) going through her mind, thinking that it might be her husband. The lead EMT was also a customer of mine, and he’s told me that it affected him more than almost any other call he’s been on. However, from my standpoint, having a face I recognized helped me get through it.