Tuesdays with Dirty: Why we do it.

I’m typing this from a Super 8 motel in Grand Junction, Colorado as we unwind from yet another amazing ride. We have been on the road since Friday afternoon on a mission to ride as much singletrack as possible. We left the perfect weather of Tempe and motored up to a beer filled night in Flagstaff. Saturday saw us making a brutally hungover drive to Moab where we discovered all the trails we wanted to ride up in the hills were snowed in. So we pushed on to Fruita. We made camp up at the trails and rode non stop for two days. On a hunch, we broke down camp and headed into Grand Junction to ride the much talked about Lunch Loops singletrack. It is fantastic. Go there.

Nine guys, 5 coolers of beers, miles of world class singletrack, and a whole bunch of bikes. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here is about 3000 from the trip so far.

the sunset cruise back to camp
some of what Grand Junction has to offer
a little roadside distraction

Ditch your responsibilities, grab some friends, and hit the road.  I really couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my time. What would we do without these silly little bikes?

This is why I do it. Keep it dirty.


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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds and single malt. Currently in Asheville, NC

21 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dirty: Why we do it.

  1. and what a crew you had! i was shedding tears all weekend knowing what you guys were getting into.

  2. I’m stoked— I’ll be loadin’ two bikes in the truck and rollin’ down to CA this weekend, spend next week on the roads and trails of someplace curiously warm and dry. 53 degrees F and heavy rain blowing sideways here in Seattle, screw that.

  3. this girl is ditching responsibilities, grabbing some friends, and rolling to Bend for a long weekend!

  4. I’ve said it before, you my friend, lead a charmed life. Nice shots.

    Heading for the ‘Daks this weekend (Dix Mt. is calling our name), yep, that time of year again. You’ll be missed, but it looks like you won’t be itching for adventure missed any time soon…..

  5. Just got back from 8 days in Fruita and Moab. Only had one day in Fruita so some did the Edge Loop while others rode down in the Bookcliffs. We managed to get up to Burro Pass and ran the Whole Enchilada on the day before the snow and rain hit, then stayed at the lower heights the rest of the week. Snow and rain was plenty later in the week and we skipped riding on Saturday. Great riding in cooler temps though!

  6. Can’t wait to hit Thorpe very soon. Wish I could ditch responsibility to do it more often, but soon, very soon, my 3 day trip will somehow get extended to 5, I think, after this read. Thanks for the push, cuz my work ethic keeps me chained to work.

  7. the Junc is awesome… lunch loops has a few trails that are a little above my pay-grade on an XC bike, if you know where to go.

    and 18 road is just about the most fun you can have on an SS.

  8. @Triplef

    TIA, (this is Africa).

    looking at that video & drawing on several past experiences, my comments are.

    There was a calf in the region & the buck was defending it.
    The Rooibok was on heat & feeling territorial.

    I’m just glad that the rider was okay.

  9. Work is fucking KILLING me this week…and then I have to come here and read/see this. Fuck it…I gotta road trip somewhere this weekend. Got a pass from the wife…it’s either Brown County, Indiana or Yankee Springs/Ft. Custer in Michigan.

  10. Beautiful area, isn’t it?

    Had the pleasure of riding a lot of what Fruita/Grand Junction/Palisade has to offer last summer.

  11. Here’s to hoping: 1) my lady get’s a job in Montrose, 2) I get that mapping internship in the Grand Junction area, or both.