A bike shop in my basement

Dominic cleaned up his bike shop yesterday and I was stoked to come home from work and see it. I thought I’d share it with ya.

Flatland frames and tires
Flatland frames and wheels
Chain rings and sprockets
Chain rings and sprockets
Tires and rims
Tires and rims
Judi's bikes she isn't riding at the moment
Judi's bikes she isn't riding at the moment
Dominic's jerseys (that don't get worn much anymore)
Dominic's jerseys (that don't get worn much anymore)
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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

26 thoughts on “A bike shop in my basement

  1. Looks like a lovely space.

    I’d like to see a bunch of home shops, who gots pics? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.


  2. Love it… my fovorite is the rattle can test area.. you must be like only one of ten women in the world that is ok with that .. good bike pile as well. :)

  3. I’ve got my own “bike room” in the basement. It was a MUST HAVE when we were shopping for our house. Walls are lined with race numbers, shelving units for parts, TV and trainer set up. I spend a lot of time down there in the winter.

  4. …i stand & applaud our fearless leader, gianni…

    …why fearless ???…you tell your wife ‘that’s’ how the garage is gonna look…

  5. 12×16 building
    Fully insulated and drywalled
    1/2 carpet and 1/2 vinyl flooring
    Full power
    AC and heat
    Cable TV, DVD, VCR (for old WCP tapes) and 5.1 surround
    32″ TV
    Fully appointed 8’x3′ bench w/5′ Craftsman tool book full of bike parts

    No pics, as it’s my personal Batcave…

  6. BJ, your garage in flag looks pretty much like my basement. small space, tons of bike shit.

    we keep the bikes that are actually being ridden in the livingroom. there are 4 that i can see right now. rollers and trainer are up here as well, along with all my gear that i need….

  7. BJ, Judi, Bikesgonewild, you all make my heart ache. Within the last year my landlord took away one of my garages, forcing me to sell off (actually donated most of it) 7 years of gear, 9 bicycles, and putting all my bicycle stuff into two drawers, two shelves, and a 8ft tall, 4ft wide and 3ft deep section of my garage. I’m down to 3 bikes, (one of which I’m borrowing), 1 Peg. Luigino, 1 Guerciotti Force cyclocross bike, and 1 KHS Flite 100 (borrowed). I miss having a different steed and all the parts for anything. Hopefully that number starts to go back up being that I’m employed again after 2 years and I work for a bicycle company. I want my garage to look like yours.

  8. @ Virgil – Buddy, a Pegoretti Luigino is fucking baller. Nice bike. Someday, I will own one. I saw one, my size, dressed in sensible campy bits for sale. Used. When I was broke and in law school.

    Broke my heart to be sitting in a cubicle reading case books and looking at that beauty on my computer screen.

  9. Damn judi. That’s one hell of a basement.

    My “bike shop” consist of a toolbox. I’m no mechanic so I only do the basic stuff on my measly 2 bikes. I leave the other stuff to the local pro.

  10. Jonny,
    it’s that peg that you posted on here a few months ago. I could of sold it and not had such a rough go during the unemployed time, but I would of had to put my nuts in vice on video and tighten it down by the agreement made between me and some friends when I purchased that frame. It stays in the family of cyclist’s for life. No selling it just hand it down or hang it up.

  11. Suh Wheet! Nice shop. I have some space at the back of a one car garage off an alley. Did the DIY peg board deal that Bicycling(?) featured a year ago or so and my next door neighbor is also has a Park work stand that I borrow on a strict beer for workstand basis. Nice to have a place to wrench.

  12. Thanks Judi,

    We live in what is seen to be a desirable area, close to the city. reasonable schools, good public transport, low crime etc.

    Since our daughter has left home most of the reasons for staying here have gone so sometimes the conversation turns to ‘maybe we should sell’..

    Then I go to the garage, crack a beer & put a bike into the work stand, I think ‘how can I leave this ?’, it’s 15 years of evolution, nah, I’ll die here..

  13. @TripleF

    A NZ made Bauer Softride.

    Columbus steel frame.

    That one I’ve kept at original spec, even has chrome MKS pedals & toe clips

  14. And if you look around carefully, you’ll see three more of those proud beauties in various guises

  15. Jonny, I got my pics for ya, like I said I would. Just don’t know how to post it here.(sorry, My bad Yo) Look in your inbox when you can. They will be there.

  16. Although most areas have several bicycle stores, they aren’t on every street corner. In fact, depending on where you live, there may be only a few in your area. Even so, you should visit each shop to get a feel for which store is right for you